PM Softskills- Final project report Essay

PM’s Essential Soft skillsCommunication SkillFinal Project Student ID : 1900223Student Name : Naif Alqahtani _____________________________AbstractThis paper aims to provide an understanding of how acquired communication skills affect projects management performance and emphasize the success of any information technology project or even human soft / literature aspects . The findings of this survey-based-study demonstrate that project managers’ skill to communicate has leverage on the cornerstone areas of project management . This survey concludes with that communication is required to effectively and efficiently communicate the areas of cost, scope ,time ,and quality .

Communication is the task that integrates cost, scope ,and time to produce a high quality product and should be seen as having a foundation task to support all the areas .Keywords : Soft skills ; Success factors ; Influence communication ; Communication barriers ; project management attitude . _____________________________Introduction Human daily life is based on communication in every aspect of their lives . People need to talk to one another to express their feelings ,exchanging ideas ,explain ,argue ,solving problems ,and achieving better understanding of complex matters .

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PM Softskills- Final project report Essay
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Shortage of communication in one hand could possibly lead to committing suicide in worst cases . That is why JD Schramm , how is a TED speaker ,a communication coach ,and director at Stanford Graduate school of Business ,San Francisco ,CA , asked us to break the silence surrounding suicide and suicide attempts . JD Schramm say’s I cultivate dreams in myself and others by building ,inspiring greatness ,encouraging growth ,and living passionately [1] . On the other hand , an adequate communication between people would sure enough lead to accomplish many valuable and effective objectives that may not be achieved otherwise . In endeavor to determine how this might work in our case , that aimed at the development of communication skills in information technology project managers and amongst project team members , the rest of this survey-based-study contains a discussion and analyzing findings of the most recent researches results . Not to mention the other success factors behind every project manager that led us to believe in them and to be confident working with them as subordinates . I am convinced that effective and genuine communication skill is all about interacting with people using simple words and body language and listening carefully too . As a project manager ,who is with this literatures and qualities, might have influence on others and therefore improve the business . First of all, we should take into consideration the effectiveness influence that a successful, communicator project manager could possibly have on the business success and how it potentially affect circumference of work . Since it is been the most critical success factor the project managers should possess , they have to maintain the implementation approach of continuous communication strategies between the project team members . Project managers play an active role to influence team members by conducting frequently meetings, listening to them , providing their needs ,and solving their problems .The advantages of effective [2] influence on business are diverse here are some of them :Figure A Source : Sanjana KhoundAccording to statistics / research, it is often said that the most important reasons for project failure are improper project scope definition , improper project communications ,and deficiency of suitable project management competencies [3] . Since 90% of any successful project is the communication attribute ,it is well-known that the barriers of effective and efficient communication are clarity , simple words , seeking participation , summarizing what has been said , effective questions , and body language .The statistical pie chart clearly illustrate that body expression and body language plays a higher role than the other forms of communication [4] .Statistical pie chartSource : Albert MehrabianOnly 7% of communication is verbal while roughly 55% is nonverbal . It is indicate that posture , hand gestures , movements , facial expressions , breathing and skin color-change do contribute and deliver the massage .In a cooperative setting, team members support and encourage one another instead of focusing entirely on their tasks and responsibilities. they’re willing to share data, ideas , and assets to assist one another, get together and collaborate to achieve the top goal. This cooperative setting, in turn , provides a constructive atmosphere for giving and receiving feedback ” that could be an important communication skill for project managers. Feedback is also positive, negative, or neutral, indicating the openness of the sender or receiver [5] .The next part of the survey is to determine the impact of the project management perspective on project success expressed in terms of the success criteria .Every of the PMs’ project management attitudes had an effect on the project triangle, particularly on time and quality. Stakeholder-centric project managers depend on tools like motivation, communication and that they tried to form the project team perceive the importance of the project tasks .Strategic-oriented project managers took the consummation time and also the needed quality into thought in accordance with the goals of the customer organization . Technocratic and planning-based project managers conjointly had an effect on time and quality, since they depend on the correct planning, control and improvement . Every of the PMs’ project management attitudes had an effect on the cost through correct planning of resources and resource allocation, however they had to think about a most, that they ought to not exceed .As a conclusion, project managers did have a sway on the project triangle . Every of the PMs’ project management attitudes had a sway on customer satisfaction likewise . Strategic-oriented and stakeholder-centric project managers placed a stress on communication with the customer and regarded its demand . This magnified the potential for achieving customer satisfaction .At the identical time, planning-based and technocratic project managers highlight the importance of project triangle that realization magnified the potential for customer satisfaction . This latter relation was mentioned by strategic-oriented and stakeholder-centric PMs conjointly, however their primary tool for achieving customer satisfaction was communication . Therefore, it will be ended that the PM’s perspective towards project management had a sway on the customer satisfaction likewise . Every of the PMs’ project management attitudes had an effect on neutral satisfaction likewise .Strategic-oriented and stakeholder-centric project managers used constant communication with the stakeholders and regarded their interest . Technocratic and planning-based project managers placed less stress on communication, however the PMs dedicated substantial and enough time on communication conjointly, so as to unravel issues and encourage the project team resulting in the conclusion of the project plans . Thus, project management perspective likewise had a sway on neutral satisfaction [6] .Concerning the results, it can be summarized that the project manager’s perspective has an effect on all the 3 success criteria . This results is concluded in the Table 1 . Table 1Source : BALINT BLASKOVICS ConclusionsIt is inescapably that project managers have a substantial impact on projects and play the key role in attaining project success. Therefore analyzing their attributes might be vital for boosting low success rate accomplished on projects .References[1] . JD Schramm , Break the silence for suicide attempt survivors, Teaches future business leaders both the theoretical and practical aspects of communication , Jun 2011 .[2] . Sanjana Khound , Head of safety Training consultancy , at Marcep Inc. , Nov 19, 2018 .[3] . Balint Blaskovics , the impact of project manager on project success “The case of ICT sector , Assistant professor , Strategy and Project Management Department , Corvinus University Budapest 3 Aug 2016 . [4] . Albert Mehrabian, body language , Non-verbal communication , Statistics , March 25, 2013 .[5] . Ciara McDonnell , Top 5 Effective Communication Skills for project Managers , [ Infographic ] , May 25,2017 .[6] . Balint Blaskovics , the impact of project manager on project success “The case of ICT sector , Assistant professor , Strategy and Project Management Department , Corvinus University Budapest 3 Aug 2016 .

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