Please provide a statement indicating why I want to pursue a graduate degree in the field of public health with a concentration on Epidemiology & Social and behavioral sciences. what I hope to gain in the graduate program, and career goals upon graduating. Include relevant academic and professional experience achieved in the past or expected in the future that support the goal. Narrative length should be approximately 1-2 pages, double-spaced.

Degree in Public Health

The reasons as to why I am interested in pursuing a graduate degree in the field of public health is because public health concentrates on enhancing and safeguarding the societies health and their overall well-being, with an emphasis on prevention among the larger groups of individuals. It is also essential to acknowledge that those with public health degrees typically keeps the entire society healthy and clean through child wellness, ailment prevention, education, calamity relief and access to health care among other considerations. A majority of people ignores the roles until a calamity including fatal hurricane captures the attention of the society members. However, public health individuals many of whom have public health degrees strategically operate on a daily basis to keep individuals healthy and safe from dangers associated with various disasters and diseases.

Moreover, the reason as to why I am interested in venturing into the epidemiology and social and behavioral sciences is due to the idea that they elevate learners on the social, physiological and behavioral considerations that typically interact with the biological factors to effectively influence health, ailments, and recovery. The drive originates from the ever-escalating recognition that behavioral, psychological, and social considerations play a significant duty in epidemiology and public health at large, both as risk issues for adverse health results and in mechanisms to enhance health and prevent ailments. For instance, low socioeconomic status has been continuously associated to the increased actions of nearly every cause of sickness and death, while behaviors including exercise and diet have been discovered as part of the cardiovascular illness and cancers, and spiritual perception has emerged as influence recovery from ailments. Moreover, some of the program’s areas of expertise include disease prevention, health promotion and social and behavioral interventions.

Things I hope to Gain

In studying public health; specifically, concentrating in epidemiology and social, behavioral sciences will enable me as a graduate to possess the research, evaluation, and leadership techniques significant in driving fundamental decisions in the field of public health. Also, I will be able to identify all the effects associated with mental, social, and behavioral issues on people and the entire population health, together with the prevention, treatment and management of chronic sickness, adjustment to ailments, and promotion to recovery strategies. Upon graduating in this field, I will be in a position to effectively analyze health from several perspectives, including the personal, social groups and the society at large; for instance, getting to acknowledge the big ecological scheme of health.

Moreover, this field under public health will allow me as a graduate use social, mental and behavioral theory in designing, implementing and scrutinizing the prevention interventions focused on lowering health damaging characters, enhancing health promotions mechanisms and increasing psychological well-being such as coping up with chronic diseases. Among other benefits associated with studying public health in the field of social and behavioral science will allow me as a graduate to eventually scrutinize and interpret the public health clear prose as outlined in professional newspapers and the popular media, including graphic, analytic, and intercession studies. As part of the professional experience expected to be achieved in future, I will be able to encounter several job opportunities as public health is a whole encompassing field of study. Therefore, am interested in pursuing a degree in the field of public health with a concentration in epidemiology and social and behavioral sciences due to the various advantages it has towards maintaining healthy living standards.  

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