Please describe the three concepts of classroom management, engagement, and motivation in reference to education. How are all of these aspects of education connected and interdependent? Provide examples to support your response.


To become a skilled reader, speaker, thinker, listener and writer one requires to be competent in management, engagement and motivation. Each and every concept in reference to education has its own importance to the students as illustrated below

Classroom management is process of making sure the classroom lessons are smoothly run with no disruptive behavior from the entire student involving the delivery of tutoring. It also refer to the process of prevention of disruptive activities preemptively, also effectively responding after it happens (Andrew, 2009). Classroom management is important because it help in the execution of curriculum enhancement, coming up with the best teaching process and also making them to be in action.

The concept of classroom engagement involves willingness of the student ,desire ,need to participate in and also be successful in the process of learning .the concept is also used to illustrate the attitudes towards school  and the reason to withdrawing from school in any significant(Angela,2011).

The concept of classroom motivation refers to the process instigated and sustained are goal-direct activity. It is the reason where student’s actions needs and desires also it is what causes a person to want to repeat a behavior (Winograd ,2003). it help the student in a classroom to work hard as result that achieving a specific target will make them be rewarded or motivated.

When student reach mid and upper school, many of them views themselves as adults and no need to read and write ,at school .it is difficult for high and middle student to do there assignment and this  become a challenge to many teachers and head of the school(Winograd ,2003). the school have to come up with a mechanism to motivate middle and upper student to write and read so as they engage in literacy works as well as they are willing to accept the set rules and regulation .this will result to them improving there content area in achievement and learning .

Instructions are useless if they are without attention to motivation mostly to the learners who are reluctant first place in reading and writing. motivation results to engagement, the first thing teachers should start .this is because people are motivated to engage mostly where one is interested and is also the first step on the road map to achieving improved literacy skills and habit  .proper classroom management ,engagement and motivation over a time is gear through which instruction in classroom results to positive outcome in the students. (Andrew, 2009).Good instruction from the teachers as the managers yields sustained engagement. Management yields and refines key literacy skills and habits example read strategically, to be able to communicate clearly during presentation and critical thinking about content. this increases competence and confidence which motivate student to engage in content area in writing and reading task hence positive experiences hence improve achievement and learning in student.





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