Planning training strategies/teacher career

1. A Sample Process
A. Let’s say that you have been asked to update some information in an e-learning module that has already been developed for an existing face to face session. Because it’s a sales training module it includes information about the product being sold, identifies the target audience and outlines the most effective sales strategies employed by the current sales team. During the planning/ discovery process, what might be some of the questions you would ask gathering key bits of information in order to move on?

List at least 5 key questions you would cover and explain what areas of information you would consider ‘key’ to your success to further plan this new training update (you may find some recommendations in the Study Notes discussed in this lesson).

B. What steps would you take in preparing to develop a plan for training based on the questions you listed above? Incorporate in your answer the following activities:

1. Develop a list of tasks
2. Define each task
3. Determine required quality/competency levels
4. Construct a job description reflecting your answers (2-3 pages)

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