Planning for Literacy and Numeracy

Task Description
This task is designed to help you understand and demonstrate the teacher’s role in planning for literacy and numeracy within your teaching areas.
You are required to consider the explicit teaching required to enhance student capabilities in one of the areas of literacy or numeracy.
For this task you are to:
• Select a unit of work/module for one of your teaching areas (other than English). This might be one written by a teacher, provided by QCAA or be a sample unit from the Australian Curriculum. Include the original (or link) as an appendix. Briefly describe the intended learning of the unit and the grade for which it is designed (1 paragraph).
• Consult the Australian Curriculum statements about literacy and numeracy capabilities and then identify the literacy OR numeracy learning demands of the unit or work/module. [If you are choosing Mathematics as a teaching area, you must select literacy here.] This section can be presented as a discussion, a list, diagram or concept map (1 page).
• Provide an overview of where you will address these capabilities within the unit/module. This means you will need to map out the learning over a period and indicate where literacy or numeracy learning will need to be addressed (1-2 pages).
• From the overview, design a series (3-5) of learning experiences that will show how you will explicitly address literacy or numeracy in your teaching area at particular points in the unit/module. Include a description of the teaching and learning activity, the intended literacy or numeracy outcomes, resources, texts, groupings and strategies (1 page per experience).
• Write a 2-page theorised rationale explaining why and how you will address the literacy or numeracy demands. This is a justification for the teaching and learning designed above. You will need to make reference to readings, relevant policies, curriculum etc.

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Planning for Literacy and Numeracy
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