Pirates of Silicon Valley Essay

The Pirates of Silicon Valley was more of a documentary movie where it talked about and followed the life of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, which were founders of Microsoft and Apple. The movie takes you through the process of how they started their respective personal computers and companies. Both guys were very intelligent individuals which they both knew so that’s why they worked together to lift both organizations.

Greed, personality, and determination from Steve Jobs and Bill Gates brought immediate success to each other.

Steve greediness worked for him for awhile which helped him get where he got to in life, which was right into the ground. Steve wasn’t looking for what was best for the company both long and short term. He saw it as a joke at first until his main partner Steve quit on him. Steve Jobs virtually split the apple and Macintosh up within the company which caused various problems. His selfishness, trust, and dignity drive him to a point where he couldn’t handle the pressure and everything that comes with the company.

Bill Gates on the other hand thought out every alternative as well as stealing idea like Jobs did to Xerox. Bill Gates evolutionary invention of windows brung a rivalry between Macintosh. Bill always figured out a way to out think Steve in many ways which later gave him the upper hand in the computer world. Bill calm-savvy personality helped him prosper other than the hot headed Jobs. What I found very interesting was how Bill Gates managed to keep windows a secret from Jobs until pretty much the release. It goes to show in the business and marketing world that no one is trusted.

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