Pet Peeve Essay

Frankly I have a rather extensive list of pet peeves. Either that or I have a very low tolerance for many things. One of my biggest annoyances however, happens to be something that I quite enjoy as well. To be in a relationship, for example, is my biggest pet peeve. Not so much being in a relationship, but all that pursues during and after this bond.

Don’t let me be misunderstood, though I hate to be in a relationship, it has its perks but that’s a different matter.

To be in a committed relationship does require the fundamental regulation that you must stay, exclusively, with this person alone. This I have no issue with, however I am not in favor of someone or anyone thinking of me as ‘theirs’ similar to how their property is theirs. I will stride by ones side, not be a mere possession to just tag along. I am my own person and infatuated or not I will never forget it.

I assume it’s safe to say that my peeve isn’t necessarily relationships, but noticeably terrible relationships.

When I am stuck in a bad relationship and I’m aware of the matter, there is no greater infuriation in my opinion. Standing idly aside and watching your days will with irritations and anger. Not anger towards the other person but to oneself for doing nothing to terminate or aid the situation. My days were filled with complete nothing and had no one to blame but myself. These bonds should be founded upon mutual acceptance of one another. Shared trust is bestowed within each other alongside the love and affection you can’t do without.

If perchance I feel that I am not receiving all of these aspects it truly ticks me off. Why then should I obligate myself to one whom does not do so to me? I loathe if I am truly giving all my effort in return of minimal to no effort at all. Eventually this person resolves to none other than taking me for granted. Overlook me for something of superior importance or higher significance. My worth will be eternally forgotten and what I had endured this far is in vain.

Day to day obstacles will prove too problematic to stomach sooner or later. Seems as if everyone and everything wants this unappreciated association to come to an end just as much as I do. Temptations are the work of the devil himself and never fail to win the eyes of an interested morsel of a man. For the saying goes, “You always want what you want until you have it.” Or perhaps I’ve said it myself. His wondering eyes will have me on the verge of insanity with rambunctious assumptions and obsessive suspicions.

I hate if they mistake my praise for license and suppose they have every right to demand of me, to order me around. What’s more is that you better treat me like a princess if you have the audacity to order me like a slave. All these dreadful features in a relationship lead to sever trust issues, dishonestly within each other, and far more shadiness. You incorporate all of this in a couple and believe me this is a tie bound to fall apart from the loose ends in.

In conclusion, perhaps I should stop dating, or genuinely try to have a functional relationship. Maybe I shouldn’t give up at the first sure sign of trouble and help fix it once again before it’s too late to fix. My pet peeves are being stuck in a dreadful relationship and that I don’t have the nerve to do something about it.

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