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Because of Winn Dixie is a heartfelt film directed by Wayne Wang about an unbreakable bond between a girl called Opal and a very hairy, four-legged friend called Winn Dixie. Opal had just moved to a small neighbourhood called Naomi in Florida as she is in a convenience store called Winn Dixie she spots a loose dog who is causing havoc in the store as he is about to be sent to the pound Opal buts in claiming that the dog is actually hers when asked to call the dog by its name she calls Winn Dixie’ and he comes running.

The movie is mostly about the adventures of Opal and Winn Dixie and all the new friends they make along the way. A loyal, caring companion like Winn Dixie is all you really need. The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas written by John Boyne is an exquisite novel written around the time of the Holocaust. Bruno, a young German boy, moves from his colourful, homely town with all his friends in Berlin, Germany to a cold, dreary house with no one to talk to in Auschwitz, Poland.

When Bruno is exploring one day he stumbles across a grey, twisty fence with farmers who wore striped pyjamas’ who really were the poor people affected by the Holocaust and in a concentration camp. Bruno meets a young Jewish boy called Shmuel and they bond quickly and create an amazing everlasting friendship, but one boy is free to go where he wants, and the other is locked behind a fence. When Shmuel’s papa goes missing the boys are on a mission to find him with Bruno dressing up as a Jew but what the boys don’t know is that they are about to meet their end. Both texts share the theme of friendship as both stories the main character is looking for a friend when they are lonely, but that friend is not wanted by society to be the main character’s friend. I chose these texts because I feel there is an emotional connection to the characters in both texts and although they are very different stories, they are not that different when you think about it. The writers use an array of techniques like similes, characterisation, setting, metaphors, personification and idioms. The director’s uses similes effectively to describe the theme of friendship in Because of Winn Dixie. I talked to him real soft and gentle and low, like he was a wild animal that I was trying to get to take food out of my hand. Otis (the animal shop keeper) is very shy and is almost too frightened to follow Opal to the party so she coaxes him into the party like an animal whisperer will try to lead a wild animal who is scared but has an interest in following the target and this is what Opal is comparing her techniques to help shy Otis integrate into the group. She couldn’t stand the ladies at church judge what she was wearing and what she was cooking and how she was singing. She said it made her feel like a bug under a microscope. Opal’s father, the preacher, uses this simile whilst explaining to Opal why her mother, who left Opal and her father when she was very little, hated being a preacher’s wife. Opal’s mother felt judged and looked at far too much not for admiration and friendship but out of a sense of judgement as if she was a microscopic insect being studied by a scientist for an experiment. The first quote refers to the theme of friendship by Opal helping Otis when he was obviously vulnerable and frightened and therefore Opal uses the power of friendship to introduce Otis into the group of friends. The second quote refers to the theme of friendship by the director telling the audience the message of do not judge people because they are of a certain status and just because Opal’s mother was a preacher’s wife does not mean she was a saint and she was just a normal person like everyone else sitting in the church.The director’s use of characterisation is extremely successful in relation of friendship in Because of Winn Dixie. He was big, but skinny; you could see his ribs. And there were bald patches all over him, he looked like a big piece of brown carpet that had been left out in the rain to rot. This is how Opal describes Winn Dixie when she first meets him at Winn Dixie convenience store the director tells the audience that Winn Dixie has been fending for himself for a long time as he is smelly and is in bad shape. The simile compares his fur to a carpet as he had chunks where there was more fur than others, much like a carpet after it has been used for a while. Winn Dixies smell was also not very appealing, and this is how the director tells the audience that it was as if a carpet had been out in the rain rotting because carpets can emit a not so nice odour when they are out in the rain. He smiled at me, he did that smile thing again, were he pulled back his lips and showed his teeth, it showed his good sense of humour. This is how Opal describes Winn Dixie’s personality after a couple of weeks of having him. The director tells the audience that Winn Dixie loved to smile, show off his set of teeth and had a good sense of humour which shows he is a loveable companion who is capable of being anybody’s best friend for life. The first quote refers to the theme of friendship because after Opal rescued Winn Dixie, she gives him a bath and feeds him and looks after him. In return Winn Dixie helps Opal by being her best friend, helping her make new friends and making Opal and her father’s relationship closer. The second quote refers to the theme of friendship by telling the audience that Winn Dixie and Opal’s relationship is full of laughs and fun. The director’s use of setting is very effective in Because of Winn Dixie. By then I was deep in the jungle. There was every kind of thing growing everywhere. There were flowers and vegetables and trees and vines. Opal describes Gloria Dump’s yard giving it the air of magic and witchiness that the Dewberry boys were always attributing to Gloria. Gloria Dump’s house always has a touch of magic to it whenever it is mentioned. Wine and liquor bottles chattering about the bad things that Gloria Dump has done This use of personification to describe Gloria’s mistake tree is very effective because it really pictures an image in the viewers head of bottles talking about Gloria Dump’s mistakes and judging her for it. The first quote refers to the magic in Gloria’s garden just like the magic in friendship when you automatically bond, and you just click with that person. The second quote refers to the bottles that Gloria hangs up on the tree which refer to her mistakes in life, but Opal helps Gloria realise that everyone makes mistakes and it is a normal thing to do.

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