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Personal Statement for UK University Essay
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Personal Statement for UK University

My passion for studying psychology has been consistently driven by the need to help people who are disabled differently have a sense of being with others. I developed an interest in humanities including Psychology back in high school so that I can have a broad understanding of how humanism and psyche work together. My vocal skills in high school made me become a literary club president. In July 2018, I had an opportunity to attend a two-week intense EFL training program at the famous Oxford Language Centre in the United Kingdom by the alumni of Oxford University.

This experience enabled me to discover my inner abilities to deal with people from a diverse background as well as problem handling.

Having successfully undertaken an intense case study on a lady who has Agoraphobia, I have discovered that my enthusiasm to study Psychology should escalate to another level so that I can help humanity in the future.

Moreover, as an active member of Model United Nations Conference, I have interacted with a variety of people as well as reading several books on psychology that has consistently inspired me to take this career path and providing me with the insight of global problem solving and mass sufferings. These are just a few cases to demonstrate my passion for studying Psychology and assurance that any opportunity granted shall translate to success.

Once I get into the system, I am focusing on pursuing the course to completion so that I future I can become a psychologist or counselor who is capable of telling how the human psyche works. Recently, I have been visiting Asha School for differently abled children where I teach them and get to know them. Teaching these children also provide me with a potential ground to learn about how they reason.

As an Indian, studying Psychology will equip me with necessary skills back in India which is characterized by poverty, illiteracy, and hunger that pre-disposes a lot of people to mental disorders and suffering. The knowledge will also help me offer literacy training to the people of India. As I aspire to be a professional psychologist or counselor, I will establish a facility where people suffering from mentally related problems can get assistance. This is one way of providing employment opportunities to the people of India and the world as a whole. Having a concern about the number of people suffering from mental disorders in my country even made them think I wanted to help them and this inspired me to take this career path to another level.

I want to study Psychology in the United Kingdom because I have been to the United Kingdom for a two-week course in EFL program that was taught by the alumni of the University of Oxford at the famous Oxford Language Centre. I firmly believe that this is the best college for Psychology. Finally, I am familiar with the environment because I have been there and interacted with fellow students in the college.

In conclusion, I am hoping to be considered for this precious opportunity and confident that a course in Psychology offered by your esteemed institution will equip and prepare me to face the real problems and also inspire others who have desire and passion in taking psychology to another level.

Thank you.

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