Personal Statement Essay

Personally, there could not be a more admirable and valuable role than being a midwife. Being there to support and empower woman through the most incredible time of their lives. I see midwifery as more than a job but as a vocation. I understand what is required within this role and have used my time wisely over the past year to read up and educate myself on the roles of a midwife and also gain experience in a caring and demanding job; I will always be fully committed to becoming a midwife.

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Personal Statement Essay
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I am a caring and compassionate individual and have been working with Loretto Care over the past year. Within my role as a support worker I am responsible for taking care of vulnerable individuals who suffer from a range of illness’s varying from learning difficulties too mental health such as anxiety and depression. This is a very demanding but also a very rewarding job and has opened my eyes to those who aren’t as fortunate as myself and require my care to help them in their everyday lives.

I enjoy creating relationships with individuals so that they can grow to trust me and see me as an approachable and easy-going person to make them feel more comfortable when in my care. I feel very strongly about being there to support our service users whenever they feel they need me and feel privileged that they see me as someone they can confide in. I take a great sense of achievement when I see how my help and support has a positive impact on an individuals life, may that be by helping them with personal and homecare to maintain their personal hygiene or encouraging them to get involved in different groups and activities which I know they will enjoy and I am then able to watch their confidence grow by interacting with other individuals. I have also gained experience in giving out medication, managing finances and carrying out any other requirements which the service user needs. My understanding and non-judgemental nature would help me greatly in my Midwifery career. As I have this background, I now want to pursue my career forward by studying a course which I know I will enjoy but also will be good at.

During my time at Loretto Care I undertook an SVQ 2 in health and Social Care to enhance my knowledge and understanding of the needs and requirements of vulnerable adults. Whilst completing this I was shadowed by an examiner who gave me positive feedback on how I work with the service users and gave me advise on how to improve which I then took on board. She was greatly impressed by my motivation to create relationships with those whom I support.

I understand that the role of a midwife is an incredible honour and is filled with a great sense of happiness, but I also realise that there will be times when unfortunate circumstances happen and that it would be my responsibility in supporting and comforting families to the very best of my ability in order to make them feel that they are being cared for as well as possible. I also understand that the job requires both practical work but also a large amount of paperwork. I look forward to be the source of support for woman through their antenatal, intrapartum and postnatal periods which would include giving information on family planning, birth control and breastfeeding education. I would be a very approachable midwife for woman to talk to and would give my all to make sure I am giving them the best advise for a healthy pregnancy. I am eager to learning as much background information about Midwifery as possible, so I have a clear understanding before I begin the course. To help with this I regularly read up on current topics such as promoting healthier pregnancies, keeping childbirth natural and GAP. I enjoy this greatly and feel very passionate about learning more and becoming a Midwife.

I am excited by the prospect of using my commitment and passion to pursue a vocation in midwifery and develop the best skills in order to provide the best care and support I possibly can. I look forward to getting started.

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