Personal Statement Essay

Callum Thomas -( Work in progress as I’m still unsure as to what degree/course I want to go into )

Personal Statement

27th August 2019


I feel like ever since my first Sociology lesson my view on the world has been constantly reshaping and adapting to the new knowledge Sociology grants. Sociology has everlasting relevance, as it’s the study of society it will always be around us, and so being able to understand such a subject is a necessity.

My aspirations are set in a sociological degree as I strive to find myself digging deeper and deeper into the sociological understanding and views on the world. By studying Sociology at degree level this will be enabled.

Personal Qualities and Skills

Throughout my school life, I have acquired a number of personal skills and qualities. I played and captained my school football team, thus I have learnt how to become an independent leader and motivator; this also allows me to learn how to work part of a team also.

Furthermore, I then extended my teamwork skills by participating in the Bronze Duke of Edinburgh award, allowing me to tackle various obstacles and learn vital communication skills, as well as compassion and confidence. Extending my teamwork skills I participated in Bronze Duke of Edinburgh in 2014, whilst tackling many of the obstacles on the expedition I have learned to become a more compassionate, confident and stronger individual.

Extra Curricular Involvement

I attended a Criminology Conference which widened my view on the amount of courses Sociology can put you into, whether it’s solely focused on society and the world, or more on individual behaviours alongside Psychology. This was a way of expanding my knowledge and the conference gave me a good feel for interactive work as there were workshops and 1 to 1 speaking with sociologists.

I’ve also attended English Workshops and Conferences as well as being an English mentor during my first year. Although not directly Sociology, expanding my English knowledge goes side by side with any course one may go into, as good English allows could analysis, evaluation, thus helping my Sociology indirectly.


I would consider myself an extremely driven and vivacious student, as my engagement is at maximum at all times as well as my desire to constantly widen my knowledge, as there truly is no limit as to how much one can learn, especially when it comes to a course such as Sociology, where its contents can be always changing to accommodate to real life changes in the world. I am extremely passionate about Sociology and feel that with my amount of determination I would be perfect to any Sociological degree.

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