Personal Qualities Of Bank Officers Marketing Essay

Personal qualities is the characteristics that appear on a human due to his or her attitude and behavior. The personal qualities can actually determine what type of job they actually can and should work as. This is important for the employer to find the best candidate when they have vacancy in the organization. Personal qualities are important also for the people to know what they can do and what they cannot do. To be successful, a human must need good personal qualities where they will only be able to improve themselves when they see the weaknesses from the personal qualities that they have.

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Personal Qualities Of Bank Officers Marketing Essay
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2.0 My Dream Job

My Dream jobs is to become a Bank Officer in my future, Bank officers are usually person who occupies the oppositions in banks. I need a bunch of good personal qualities to become Bank Officers. Their areas of concern include all the different branches that requires more on personal qualities.For a better success bank officers need a list of good personal qualities.

Bank officers need to deal with the customers almost everyday and this will need a great patience to deal with the customers even if they give you problem and some of them might not be so good to you.To become a successful bank officer to lead to the better pathway, the personal qualities will have to be good and improve from time to time so that one can adapt to the working environment and all the clients.A bank officer will have to serve his clients with a smiling face and serve them with patience.

2.1 Personal qualities of Bank Officers


The teamwork is very important where bank officers will need to work in a team and also working well with the employer in a healthy environment.Bank Officers need to work together to increase the performance of a organization. Team work is important as most of the work of the bank officer will need assistance from the colleagues.


As a bank officer,I need to be honest because I will have to handle the issue that deal with cash.I have to be honest to show my attitude towards the company’s integrity.When we do things honestly,people will put more trust on us and this will bring a positive effect.I will be able to work effectively with all the team members.

2.1.3Good character

A bank officer will need a good character.When dealing with customers I will have to show a positive behavior to make sure that customers are happy dealing their transaction with also my good attitude.I will have to maintain the good character not only at work but also in personal life.

2.1.4 Good communication skills

To become a bank officer,I will need to have a good communication skills because I have to deal with the people in the company and all the clients from different races.So,I must master a few languages to enable myself to deal with different clients from different backgrounds.I will need to create more opportunities to speak with the clients.

2.1.5 Putting the client and their goals first

In order to become a successfulbank officer,I will need to put the client and their goals first.Hence,I will need to put the clients first before anything when issue arises.This is what a bank officer when they will need to solve problems for his clients. On the other hand,I will have to respect the client’s decision to make myself capable to become a bank officer.

2.1.6 Responsibilities

Bank office must have responsibilities because the he will need to play an important role in the bank.He must always aware of what he does and also act fast on behalf of the company.I can learn more about the people from the different personalities.

3.0 Question that ask during interview

1. What does your personal qualities?

2. What is your weakness?

3. What job-related skills have you developed?

4. What kind of job does you done before?

5. How to handle difficult customer?

6. How I can handle if I working in different culture?

7. Did you ever come late to work ?

8. What leaders have to say about a career in bank?


Name: Vincent Lee Wing Sing

Occupation: Supervisor

Company: MIT Enterprise. Sdn.Bhd

Name: Lau Ye Sing

Occupation: Bank officer

Company: Public Bank. Sdn Bhd

Name: Tan Ming Hoon

Occupation: Bank Manager

Company: Maybank Berhad

4.0 Conclusion

Bank officer can offer great career experiences and progression for talented employees. It is no longer the stereotypical single-function call centre environment people think about when they choose bank officer. Instead, it has evolved to become a multi-disciplined organization, giving employees exposure and responsibility to many different lines of business. At IBM Malaysia, it’s not-job environment, but a place for employees to grow their talent. Focus on higher level work, move to increase levels of responsibility and have rewarding career.


What is conflict?

Everyone experiences conflict at some time. It occurs whenever two people, terms or groups have different wants or goals and one party interferes with the other’s attempts to satisfy these. Differences in the way people interpret facts, differences in values, and the various ways people take action to satisfy their wants and needs can all cause conflict.

Before dealing with any conflict; make sure you understand what is happening: identify what is causing the conflict. Is the problem a difference in facts, goals, methods or values? By understanding the real cause of the conflict, you will be better equipped to choose from the range of constructive responses suited to conflict resolution.

Levels of conflict

Conflict moves through several levels before it reaches the crisis level. At the first kevel, people experience discomfort, a feeling that things are not quite right. At the next level, an incident occurs. Emotions are not running high yet, but something has come between the people concerned.

People who are aware of discomfort or an incident can use their communication skills to clarity the problem at this point, before the situation escalates to the next level: misunderstanding. A misunderstanding between individuals or groups can interfere with their relationship. It can arise over facts, or it may be about the goals or intentions of the parties involved.

Once tension arises over the misunderstanding, the situation is very close to a crisis. When people feel anxious about talking, working or coming into contact with each other, emotions run high. Negative attitudes and any negative response-an outburst of anger, or avoidance of the other party-will lead to a crisis, the fifth level of conflict. By staying alert for signs of discomfort and incidents, you will be able to use the most appropriate resolution strategy before the conflict moves to higher levels.

Background of the conflict happen on me

I have my girlfriend since 2011. We had several break-ups, sometimes the break even lasted for several weeks (the reason was always some other dude. She always came to her senses and broke it off with the other guy). In 2012 the break lasted from June to September. After that, we hooked up again and it fit right away.

2.1 The primary source of the conflict


She always selfish, she only care about her feeling, she wont care my feeling. Something happen before and I forgave her for almost all her mistakes and yet she can still be selfish without thinking at my perspective She would never realize how she treat me and she cant even control her temper. Everytime she can angry with me and I could not angry with her. I feel that this is not really fair.

2.1.2 Respect

I’ve been dating with her since 1 year ago. When she see her boy friends or even ex-boyfriends, she can still be cheerful and happy to play with them. She wanted her freedom, but me on my side I found out that she has been dating with some other guys without my acknowledgement. She can’t even respect me and see me as her boyfriend.

2.1.3 Trust

She would never trust me. Sometimes when I’m telling the truth she will still keep on asking me to say the truth. In fact I don’t really trust her because she often lied to me. She will check my inbox everyday to make sure that I never talk to any other girls. She is using the reason to say that she wants to avoid me from talking to any other girls. In fact we still don’t trust each other enough.

2.2 Secondary conflict

2.2.1 Time

Time is very important to couples to build good relationship. We do not have enough time to actually sit down and talk to each other properly until all the misunderstandings getting more and more. We rarely meet each other and that we always argue when we meet. I wanted to talk properly to her for many times but she refuse to listen to what I’m going to say. Besides that, she also refuse to answer my call and reply my text messages and we have less time to communicate with each other.

2.2.2 Space and individual growth

I believe that good things can also become bad when that particular thing is going too much than expected. We didn’t give each other too much space to actually think what both of us really want. In addition to the problem, we also don’t have much time to think of what we are going to do next and plan anything regarding to the relationship.Sometimes when we are spending too much time together, we might think that we are wasting too much of time in that and we should do something better.There is no space for each other and individual growth as every human will need time and to grow according to their dreams and perspective.


Everyone experience conflict at some time. It occurs whenever two people, teams or group have different a wants or goals and one party interferes with the other’s attempts to satisfy these. Differences in the way people interpret facts, differences in the way people take action to satisfy their wants and needs can all cause conflict. Before dealing with any conflict, Is the problem a differences in facts, goals, methods or values? By understanding the real cause of the real cause of the conflict, you will be better equipped to choose from the range of constructive responses suited to conflict resolution.

Normally, a brand is usually associated with the logo, sign, name or other image that make consumers associate with your company and product. In fact, branding is which one way to attract new customers to one company. When a customer comes to you it is because of all they are realize about your product name and your business. Besides that, branding can puts you in touch with your customers and your product before they even step inside your place of business, or buy your product. In the other hand, they also know about you because of your brand, and the value that goes with it. Last but not least, branding is an effective way to facilitate the growth of your business and can give you a better strategic position in the market and eventually lead to increased profit. Lastly, branding also attracts new costumers and makes you stand out from the competition.

The Proposal

Proposal on Changing the Product Name

To : Mr. Cheong( Chief Executive Officer )

Mr. Raymond Cheong (Chief Operating Office)

Mrs. Yong (Managing Director )

Date : 21th March 2013

Subject: Proposal on Changing our Cereal’s Product Name

Regarding the subject above, as a Product Manager of our company’s cereal, Pro-Health I would like to propose about changing the brand name. This could help to increase the sales and also build up a brand identity for the cereal.

About us:

Our brand Pro-Heath product is a great combination of delicious white chocolate and delicious chocolate. It is made with the goodness of whole grain, Pro-Health cereal provides eight essential minerals, plus iron and calcium. This product, it contains carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins and mineral that are effectively refuel lost energy of active children and youngsters. Besides than that, this product is suitable for youngsters person and active children, because this product’s element of low fat and low sugar.

Statement of problem:

Many customer will give some feedback to us about our brand’s name Pro-Heart is not suitable for the product as the name sound very weird. I suggest to change new name for the product, because our brand name Pro-Heart sound weird and may affect our business and image of our company. According to our marketing research of our customers sense our product name like a pharmaceuticals. Most of the customer said that the name does not make sense and does not related to the product. Many of the adults curious about our product either it is a medical product or unhealthy food.


Sales of the Pro-Health Product







Sales of the product decreasing by the year 2010 to 2012

Solution of the statement:

I suggest a new brand name for this product, I suggest COCO to replace the old product’s name Pro-Health. This name of the product is memorable and easy to pronounce and spell. Besides that, this new brand name is acceptable as I had ask few of our customers ‘s comment. Most of the customers prefer the new brand name as it is related to our product and can be easily memorable. Having a good brand name make our product more special over all the other products in market. Brand name is very important for the future of our company as it involved the image of the product. Besides having a good brand name lets us advertise more easily.If having a new brand name people can remember it important especially for marketing purposes. Both online as well as conventional marketing can be more effective with proper brand names. There have been a number of products currently available that rule their particular niche just because they are able to take their brand to the people through constructive and creative advertizing. Using this familiar brand name can help shoppers save a lot of time in making purchases. Brand name loyalty and associated perceptions of quality extends to other aspects of the food industry.

Market Research on the races consumer on the two product name







Brand Name:









Market Research on the races consumer between of two product name

BrandName: Pro-Health COCO

Column chart of the Market Research on the races consumer on the two product name


A brand name is important as it brings the sign of image, value and also the selection of the product by the customers. If the brand is easy to remember, customers can easily recommend the product to their friends and families. Furthermore, we should consider changing the product name from ‘ProHealth’ to ‘COCO’ as this will make them to easily understand that our product is actually about the cereal that are made by coco. If the name is changed, the sales will increase as more customers prefer our products than any other products. This is a good way to promote and rebrand our products to give a new image to the customers. They might be impressed with the new name and packaging and now more customers understand on what our company produces.This is important where most of the customers buy things by looking at the packaging .A good packaging and design can attract more customers to buy the product.

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