Personal Learning Paper Essay

When I first attended the Organisational Behaviour class, I was expecting an analysis on how organisations usually work. But in the very first class I realised that there is much more to this than I thought. I think that by writing this paper, I can polish the skills I believe I already possess and also develop some new skills which I think are necessary but I don’t currently have them. With the help of this learning paper, I believe I will be able to reflect on my journey till now and know about myself.

For me, the most interesting classes were where we had to do personality related exercises. This is because, through these exercises I got to know whether what I thought I knew about myself and thought who I am is correct or not. The first exercise we did was the “The Big Five Locator”. 4 of the 5 locators didn’t come as a shock to me. But one of them made me really happy.

And it was high extroversion. Since childhood I was a major introvert. My father has a transferable job, and we keep moving from one place to another. Initially it was very difficult for me to move to a new place, interact with new people and adjust to a new environment. I remember an instance where I joined a new coaching class in my 10th standard, and my mother came to drop me. I joined the class 1 month late, and I remember that when I saw so many people already talking in groups and having fun, I somehow got scared and hid behind my mother. And suddenly I realised that what am I doing? I am in 10th standard and hiding behind my mother like a kid going to school for the first time, and I got so embarrassed. At that very moment I decided that I will have to change myself and never let this happen again. So, when I moved to another place in 11th standard, I was a completely new person, doing stuff on my own and interacting with everyone without any hesitation. Thus, when I found high extroversion, I felt a sense of achievement.

The next exercise we did was the “Myers-Briggs Type Indicators”. The personality I got was the Inspiring Guides, and it matched with the profile of “Osho”. When ma`am asked us who all match with Inspiring Guides, I raised my hand. But as soon as she told us that the profile is of Osho, I instantly put my hand down. This was probably because of all the negative things I`ve heard and read about him. But then she told us how amazing writer and an excellent public speaker he was, and all about his work, I was kind of glad that my profile matched with him. Ma`am also told about some of the jobs which will match our personalities and we`ll be good at it. One of them was being a Journalist. And I recalled how I wanted to study journalism, but my father didn’t want me to, and that’s how I ended up coming to Great Lakes for my MBA. But I also realised that it is never too late to pursue what you love and that I can always do it later.

Through “Guna Dynamics”, I came to know that out of the 3 gunas (Sattva, Rajas, and Tamas), I am Rajasic. I came to know this because, unlike sattvic who are divine, and tamasic who are demonic, rajasic are humans, who have selfish desires, greed, jealousy, are mixed (both positive and negative), but are also dynamic. Rajasic people are very passionate and are born with intense desire and attachment. I can relate, as I am also very passionate in whatever I do, and I get attached very easily, be it people, places, or things. This is another reason why it used to be so difficult for me to change places continuously. I am a highly sentimental person. Whenever we used to move to a new place, I used to cry for weeks remembering my old friends and things we had to leave behind. But as I am growing up, I am realising that isn’t this what life is about. We will meet many people in our life, we will visit many places, and we will possess many things. But nothing is permanent, and we will have to keep moving on. I think realising this is the 1st step for me towards sattva.

Everyone has different values in their life. The most important value for me might be the least important one for someone else. So, we should never judge a person by the values he/she has. The values are divided in 2 parts, Terminal and Instrumental. Terminal values are like personal and social goals, and Instrumental values are moral and acquisitional ways we use to achieve the terminal values. In terminal values also, people can have more personal goals, than social and vice-versa. I got a higher number on personal goals, even though my 1st and 2nd ranking were social goals. For me true friendship and social recognition are very important. In recent times, I have come to realise that I have a major FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). I crave for not only attention, but also respect and admiration from the people. I want to be recognized as myself and not through someone else. After coming to Great Lakes, I made these amazing friends. But soon I realised that some of these people were my friends because I am best friends with this girl who is popular amongst almost everyone. Recently, I became friends with another set of people, and there I knew they were friends with me because of me and not someone else. With them I get this sense of belonging which I didn’t get before. All of this gives rise to inner conflict, and that’s why my 3rd rank was Inner Harmony, which is personal goal and also very important for me. For me the 3 most important instrumental values are to become a loving, cheerful and courageous person, giving me a higher importance on moral instrumental values.

I am only half way through the course, and am already so excited for the next half of the course. The learnings and interpretations I got from my past incidents with the help of this course would definitely help me become a person I imagine to be. Knowing yourself and others is very important in life as well as in management. After the end of this course, I hope that I`ll be able to contribute to other people, society and life as a whole, by way of self-realisation, and personal development through the study of Organisational Behaviour.

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