• In a hypothetical situation, you have been given QR 250000 You are asked to invest in order to earn good returns on original amount by the end of the period \ invest all the money in Forex Market.(Currencies) divide the ,money between 2 or more currencies .
  • Invest your money according to ( medium risk) investment philosophy
  • Your investment strategy should be based on Risk and Return Tradeoff.
  • To prove your earnings provide relevant documents in the Appendix. Remember your projects outcomes are going to be considered only on the basis of supportive material.
  • Show your investment’s end RETURNS with accurate and clear calculations –you can arrange it in a table-
  • The investment time period is decided as:01 March 2016 to 20 May 2016. This period should be considered as Investment Return calculation Period.
  • Investment Goal, Objectives and Philosophy
  • Explain step by step your earnings with each type of investment avenues along with relevant evidences.
  • Compare Return Results with your set Goal. Your degree of satisfaction through your achievement and conclusion.


  • Times New Roman, font size 12. With 1.5 space


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