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Studies have shown that it is not unusual for Singaporean teenagers to lead inactive lifestyles. About two in three inactive youths fail to meet the recommended amount of physical activity from the 2010 National Health survey. (Health Promotion Board, 2016). The Lancet Global Health concluded that Singapore is one of the least active countries in the world (Vikhnod, 2018). A study was conducted where 244 teenagers wore motion sensors for five days (including weekends). Results were the number of steps taken during the weekdays was 16% more than weekends.

The national guideline of having at least one hour of physical activity a day was not met. (Davie, 2014).

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The purpose of Rep with Steps is to entice adolescents to be more physically active with benefits that can benefit them.

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Proposed Solution

My Step Up Friend

Health Promotion Board (HPB) can develop a fitness application for teenagers called My Step Up Friend which includes functions like running tracker, goal settings and challenges for individuals to participate where they log in using their student identification.

There are weekly challenges where participants are to hit 100,000 steps every week to be awarded with 50 percent off for either Subway, Grab or Golden Village (GV) movie tickets.



There are also group challenges where participants can invite friends to join. The group has to acquire at least 300,000 steps to achieve rewards like free entry to SuperPark. In groups, it will motivate each other to be more active to achieve the rewards.


SuperPark, an indoor activity park for all age

For this programme to be effective, HBP can test this out with a group of teenagers for a month to gather feedbacks. If feedbacks are positive, HBP can tweak some of the functions and appearance before they can start spreading the word by advertising through social medias – Instagram, Twitter, Facebook.

Skip up for the needy

HPB can collaborate with the 3M and secondary schools to organise a rope skipping charity event whereby teenagers are to clock as many skips as possible. For every 200 skips accumulated, a hamper of 3M safety and household products will be given to the needy. Schools can implement this activity during their physical education (PE). Individuals participated in this event will be awarded with credits as well as certificate of participation.

HPB will choose five schools to implement this event for one month. Feedbacks and observations will be analysed. After successful feedbacks, HPB will propose this event to 3M. If event is approved, HPB will implement the event to half of the secondary schools in Singapore. Once the schools agrees to take part in the event, the activity will commence during the school’s PE lessons. Teachers will be tracking the number of skips accumulated and send them to HPB.

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Potential Benefits

50 percent off rewards 9099

Subway, Grab and GV movie tickets are what teenager frequently visit and most likely to use.

Firstly, Subway is known for its delicious and healthy sandwiches. Furthermore, Subway outlets are available countrywide. (See Appendix A) Hence, teenagers are able to eat healthy and enjoy 50 percent off at their convenience.

Secondly, there is an spike in the number of commuters opting for private hires over taxis. According to a survey by the Public Transport Council (PTC) in 2017, the number of commuters opting for private hires rose up to 70 percent (Loh & Ng, 2018). (See Appendix B)

Grab is chosen over taxis due to its shorter waiting time, ease of booking, comfort, etc. (Wee, 2017). However, during peak hours or rainy weathers, there is a high surge in price due to the high demand. (See Appendix C). These peak hours are usually around 8:30 A.M. when majority of the teenagers start their classes. Having rewarded 50 percent off for Grab rides can help them get to class on time without paying an expensive fee as well as avoiding the crowded public transports.

Thirdly, teenagers usually end their school in the evening, right after the student promotion ends. Having 50 percent off for GV movie tickets can allow the teenagers to relieve their stress by watching movies with low cost. Price for movie tickets are expensive during weekends as well. (See Appendix D).

This reward can help them to save money and enjoy their movie.

Lastly, exercising is a natural mood lifter. Having a workout at SuperPark carries various benefits. There are plenty of fun activities at SuperPark such as Valo Jump, an interactive game that requires an individual to jump. (SuperPark). These activities might not seem like a workout to the teenagers as they are playing and having fun. Studies have shown that socially active individuals have better health than those who are lonely (Holohan, 2016). Being with friends improves the mood of the individual which can also prevent mental health issues.


Increasing activeness

Firstly, it makes the teenagers physically active. Since physical education is part of their curriculum, they will have to participate in the event. Rope skipping has various benefits for growing teenagers such as improving coordination, bone density, brain development and reducing weight (Hogan, 2017).

49225203556000002317115354809800-1270354746300Secondly, it benefits the needy as they are being given a hamper of 3M safety and household products such as Nexcare bandages, cleaning toolkits from Scotch-Brite, etc. (3M). Most low income family are not financially stable to afford such products. For instance, not having proper products to tend to their injuries might lead to infections. (Common Wound Care Mistakes That Provoke Infection, 2018). Providing these products are useful as hygiene is important in the household. It helps maintain good health and decreases the chances of germs growing (The importance of hygiene in the home » LW Cleaning, 2017). This will be a good opportunity for HPB to expand and develop more of such events.





Being active comes with plenty of benefits to the teenagers. It benefits their physical and mental health. It reduces the risk of mental health issues such as stress as endorphins are released to promote positive feelings (The Importance of Physical Activity for Teens, 2013). To encourage an active lifestyle to the inactive teenagers, there must be benefits to entice them. Having programmes that rewards for being active as well as doing good deeds is two ways to encourage teenagers to be active.

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