PCB stands for printed circuit board It made up of a thin Essay

PCB stands for printed circuit board. It made up of a thin layer of glass fiber which helps to provide good mechanical strength. Required pathway to connect the components which are printed on the board. After finalizing the circuit, we did etching on the board. Then the next step is to mount the components and GSM module on the PCB board.

Here we made the connections with the hardware components and interfaced the software. For that we connected PCB BOARD first with RASPBERRY 3 with the help of connecting wires.

Also, SD card with noobs installed already, a SIM CARD in the GSM MODULE and an adapter for the power supply. These are very important to check the networks and connectivity with the internet to make this project work efficiently.

TO BEGIN WITH: initial step is to ready a SD card with noobs. For that noobs zip file is required. When the installation is done, SD is set up with the software.

After that with the help of monitor, mouse, keyboard, HDMI CABLE, WIFI or ETHERNET connect raspberry pi 3 along with SD card.

As power supply is given to raspberry pi, Raspbian window will open. Just need to follow the steps to start downloading the window. After two or three minutes of downloading Raspbian screen can be seen. Now with the help of terminal need to adjust the date and time by giving command, ‘SUDO DATE -S “DATE TIME”. Time and date will update automatically.

Next step is to connect raspberry pi with PCB BOARD with the help of connecting wires. Then in the terminal just need to run program ‘RUN MODULE’.

Working of The Project: as the project starts LCD screen will display the name of the project. Then asks for the user. The number which is suppose to bet set a user will gives a call on the number present in the GSM MODULE. One can hear the ringing on the number then the call will cut automatically. In the program and on the LCD, we can see the number which is calling and after the call showing this number is configured as a USER.

As we touch the TOUCH SENSOR the LCD will notify THEFT DETECTED and the user will receive a text.

Below picture describes the end result intelligibly-

• During the testing of our project we faced several complications like two times raspberry got short then accuracy of voltage became a concern. By adding certain value of potentiometers and voltage regulator the circuit starts working properly.

• When we were done with our soldering part, one of the pins from LCD got damaged then we had to replace that with the new one which worked well accordingly.

As the power supply is given to the RASPBERRY PI and PCB the LCD turns ON and gives the starting statements as designed then within few seconds the system starts working. Then we connected the SIM with the one already in GSM MODULE which we set as a USER. Then a text message was received by that user states’ THIS NUMBER IS CONFIGURE AS USER’. This shows that respective number is adjusted as a main user. As anybody touch the sensor the user will receive the notification ‘ALERT!!!! THEFT DETECTED’. Automatically it will turn ON the camera and video started recording which is saved in PENDRIVE and user can see the image instantly in the IOT GECKO account.

In a nutshell, we conclude only python language has been used so far in this report. And also, to list some facts about modifications is changing the ARDUINO with RASPBERRY PI to have the access of advance technology within the system. The core element of our project is that it assists to detect the theft and notify the end user. The system also provides us evidence of the theft by showing the live image and video recording of the suspect. The project was overall a success but we did face some issues in the programming where we had to connect camera with the IOT GECKO. Throughout our project we learnt lot many things that includes the more knowledge about RASPBERRY PI and working on IOT GECKO.

The pace of research in the field of IOT and how to implement is definitely going to help the quality of living. Nowadays, everyone wants to work with IOT platform as it is more advanced, in the field of environment, business, home automation, healthcare or emergencies. These innovations will be very helpful for mankind in future as it will make the life more secure and easy by carrying the most complex situations in a simple format.

When the RASPBERRY PI and PCB BOARD connected together with the help of connecting wires the LCD will turn ON and the project is all set to be work.

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