Paul Hersey and Ken Blanchard’s Situational Leadership model has

Assignment #55

Paul Hersey and Ken Blanchard’s Situational Leadership model has been a big hit in the business world, and these two academics have a huge business training and consulting with corporate executives. Search YouTube or Google for a video by either Hersey or Blanchard to try to get an idea of why they have been so successful selling their ideas in the corporate world. They have many videos, so try to find one that relates directly to situational leadership. Watch the video, and share the link with your classmates.

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Paul Hersey and Ken Blanchard’s Situational Leadership model has
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  1. Based on the video, were you impressed by Hersey or Blanchard’s presentation style?
  2. Was the video useful in understanding the concepts of Situational Leadership?
  3. After watching the video, are you surprised by how popular Hersey and Blanchard are in the corporate world?




Video impressiveness

The video of Hersey and Blanchard presenting transformational leadership is impressive. The video outline the situational leadership. First, the video gives details on the situational leadership with both explanation through the audio-visual and at the same time the words are displayed providing more elaborate details about what is being explained in the video. Additionally, the sound records from the video are apparent, and the video presenter is quite audible making the video much clearer. On the other hand, the video outlines the direct information on situational leadership which the intended purpose.

Usefulness of the video

The video was helpful in the understanding of the concept of situational leadership. The presenter explains the procedures of situational leadership. The video presenter elaborates the situational leadership style. The situational leadership style starts with the leader guiding the new employee in work. Additionally, the manager sells the ideas and persuades others to like it. The idea is created and the head with specific goals as well as objectives and the leader work close and hand in hand to convince the junior to like them and cooperate with them. On the other hand, the presenter elaborates that the situational leadership involves sharing as well as facilitating. In this case, the manager leaves the decision upon the employees to make a choice as well as the decision.

Popularity of Hersey and Blanchard

Indeed after watching the Video one can realize the popularity of Blanchard and Hersey in the corporate world. Before watching the video one cannot realize the importance and role of the leadership style in the world of business. The leader in the firm managing many employees might use the situational leadership style to deal with the employees towards achieving the goals of the organization. This makes the leaders popular in the field of business and leadership in the organization. The contribution is impressive and applicable in real life and the corporate world.

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