Pastoral Epistle

Written Practicum: Students will turn in a 3000 description of a comprehensive discipleship and education program for a mid-sized church (70-300 people). The purpose of this assignment is to think deeply and practically about spiritual formation in the context of post-Christian culture. To complete this assignment, consider the following:
a. First read Multiah, Sarisky, and Beard. This assignment should exhibit interaction with some of the key concepts described in these essays.
b. This program description should address all age groups and genders, with specific reference to discussions of these age groups and genders in the Pastoral Epistles.
c. This program description should describe the leaders and leadership training required.
d. This program should describe how discipleship and education will contribute to the ongoing life of the church, such as generational continuity.
e. This program description should account for our discussion throughout this course about the nature of the church in a post-Christian context.
f. Overall, feel free to get creative here as long as you are thinking within the framework of the cultural and theological issues we are specifically addressing in class. This is your chance to think through the real-world application of the core theological and pastoral emphases of Paul.

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