Alan Duncan (2012) and his Australian counterparts Australia carried out a research under “National Vocational Education and Training Research Program” and wrote a report telling how young Australians are managing the labor force and at the same time the school work, this is in an aim of finding out how the whole issue is affecting the individuals. In their work, Allan carries out research with an aim of understanding how part time work affects student’s enrollment to the university. The report shows how young Australians make their way into the job market and how early working impact on school work and students study preferences. This report can be connected to our topic of the day. That is prevalence and effects of young people combining study with part time work at school and then transitioning to work. This can closely be associated with the Australian Policy on Youth Transitions (Jobs Australia, 2014).

For a number of years now there has been a call for concern in which students have been engaging in part-time work while studying as well. Research has shown that the state of economy has greatly influenced the rate at which students are engaging in part time jobs with less students working during depression and more during recession. Findings has also stated that students from the middle class background are leading those from poor and rich backgrounds. Part-time working by students has been connected to either need for cash or reduced interest in school work. Apparently, it is not yet determined the exact number of hours students spend working compared to studying. (Charlie Naylor, 1999). A study on part-time working by students is important in that it has notable issues that are worth discussing, in one dimension, part-time working has played a pivotal role in ensuring students get used to working life after school and in another dimension part-time working has led to minimal performance, cases of school drop outs and also leading to injuries and possible deaths as well.

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