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Executive summary


Body-research using five parka brands and comparison on base of various criteria’s

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parka report darshveerW0729014 Essay
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Executive summary: This report was commissioned to analyze the information about some of the most famous Canadian parka brands and to conclude the best parka brand after deeply seeking into factors like price, size, temperature endurance and specialty.

Thus, major focus of this report was to select the best parka brand which provide more comfort to Canadians at low price in chilling low temperatures of Canadian winter. Famous parka brands as Kanuk, The North face, Canada goose, Mackage and Arcteryx were included in analysis to test upon various standard scales and to choose one brand which outrace others in terms of whole standards.

The research highlights the fact that most of these famous brands were invented by experienced professional lovers of hiking who dedicated their life toward doing mountain climbing or skiing activities without caring about harsh chilling weather conditions and some of these brand founders were petty business owners and individuals who wanted to revolutionize the meaning of external wear in whole world.

Report depicts the clear picture of neck to neck competition between various parka brands. Each one has implied much efforts to gain more market share. As if one parka contains better material the competitor is also ready with substitute material which differs in terms of weight, quality and price. Still major focus is given to keeping individuals warmer to do any task without caring about cold harsh weather conditions. There is also visibility of harder competition regarding availability of parkas in different sizes, thickness and colors. Apart from only focusing on keeping human being warm there is also much attention given to fashion and design which adds to attractiveness of parkas. This factor also pushed new fashion trends development in terms of outerwear. Now outerwear is not only an external wear it is becoming major part of clothing sense of humans.

The survey would finalize best brand in parkas until now no conclusion can be given.

Introduction :The winter season of Canada is very harsh and unpredictable in words. Due to continental climate in most of the regions the temperature in this nation in winter remain too much low. The average temperature of the day could be about -15 degrees Celsius and in prairie and inner region of Canada the winter weather could be too much harsh. The average temperature in cold season in such areas could even be lower than -40 degrees.

Thus, various individuals would be thinking that how humans have been working and wandering even in very low temperatures. There would be a special type of clothing which is competent to endure such harsh weather conditions. The answer to all such questions is “parka”. It is a kind of jacket with attached cowl. Usually parkas are bordered with various kinds of pelage. The saga of parka begun in early 19th century. “Parka” is the word which is acquired from language of Nenets. This word is defined as “skin of animal” in the islands of Aleutian and in year 1625 it set foot in books of English. The parkas were originated from Canada. These are make from skin of seal and reindeer. Caribou Inuit were pioneers of parka. They made this for saving themselves from chilled winds and cold harsh weather of Canadian arctic during kayaking and hunting. Certain kinds of parkas of Inuit were made with stuff like pelt of seal or reindeer’s skin however with updating in technology in early 20th century brought new age in parkas. So nowadays masses do not consider parka solely for protecting them from chilled winters but they are nowadays the outerwear which are chosen according to both fashion and quality. For knowing more about parka’s lets delve about it on various basis.

Research using five brands: The five brands were selected for doing comparison on the base of various criteria for choosing the best one. So, the five brands which would be defined in detail for comparison are:

KanukThe northfaceCanadagooseMackageArcteryx

Kanuk Parkas: This is the maverick corporation. This brand was established in the mid of Montr?al. About five decades ago the creation of this brand was erupted from the mini foundry. The focus of Kanuk brand is to make such parkas which can bear too much cold temperature. As this company was started in Montr?al thus they have advantage of knowing what material according to which design fits for doing protection from chilled temperature.

There is much hard work and better material is implied for getting better quality parkas of Kanuk. The Kanuk parkas design is made in such way that it could be used for long time without caring about changes in latest fashion. Its main aim is to protecting human being from chilled weather. Kanuk made parkas for every age and gender.

Kanuk parkas for males, females and children: Kanuk make various parkas for males, females and children that different sizes, shapes and colors. Those parkas are further divided according to different levels of temperature resistance. They are available with different finish lines, optional hoods, optional furs and of different thickness levels. The materials mainly used in such parkas are mini ottoman, nylon, polyester and sorona. Such outer wears are varnished with microporous lamination and such other layers which help to save humans from extremely cold winds, rain and snow.

The Northface parkas: The story of eruption of this brand is little bit different may its name indicates the coldest mountain locations however; this brand was started near north beach in San Francisco. Thus, the beginning location of this brand was just around 45.72 meters aloft the level of sea. This brand’s establishment was result of mini emporium which was started by two hiking experts in 1966.

During 1960’s this brand’s demand become higher among various athletes and started reaching for faraway places and in various corners around world and till end of 1980’s this brand became famous among ski wears and outer wears.

Nowadays it is touching new limits. The major focus of company is to improve brand through innovation or state of art.

The Northface parkas for both genders: The Northface parkas are available for both genders these are further classified according to various sizes and shapes. This brand also provide external wear guarantees for certain time limit with certain terms and conditions so that customer could exchange the external wear if any unintentional defect occurs. This company also offers free return within Canada on online shopping.

Canada goose parkas: This brand was originated from Toronto. It is one of the most famous brand of parka around the world. It was invented about six decades ago. Canada goose is famous for its comfort and quality. This brand mainly uses natural material for filling parkas. It is famous among various official departments as an outer dress code. Such as in police and other government departments Canada goose remained first choice as the outer dress code. Nowadays, the yearly sales figures of this brand are more than 200 million.

Canada goose parkas for men women and kids: For men women and kids’ various types of Canada goose parkas are available which are divided according to color, size, price and material used. These all parkas include features like removable hoods, various pockets and can bear rain, snow and extremely low temperature. Most of this brand’s parkas are topped up with Canadian goose.

Mackage parkas: This brand was invented by Eran Elfassy and Elisa Dahan in end of 20th century. The main attention of this brand is upon both fashion and quality. Mackage officials say that their parkas are not only better in term of extreme winter protection, but also big focus is given on considering latest fashion trends while making these.

Arcteryx parkas: The beginning of this brand was from north Vancouver. The focus of this parka brand is on finest quality. Thus, they consider the fact that there should be no interruption of outer climate while doing work in chilled winter by wearing this parka brand. They produce various winter jackets for men and women from price range around $350 to $1200 and more. Their most outer wears are fit for skiing and rainy conditions. They are filled with low insulation for keeping human being warm. They are made with such material that all the moisture could evaporate from inside and warmness could be erupted inside parka.

Parkas comparison according to criteria: There are certain criteria according to which people prefer various parkas. On base of these criteria it could be estimated that how much of market share would each parka brand occupy. Thus, these criteria are mentioned below.

Quality: Quality is one of the most major factor that denizens seek deeply before buying any brand. For parkas the quality would be in terms of its durability, the kind of material used and how much low temperature it can endure. Because people want parka which could be wore for long time and which could endure low temperature. So, the selected five brands of parkas offer certain qualities which are written below.

Canada goose: This brand offers various lifetime warranty regarding any defects in their parkas. If any error regarding manufactured parka occurs during its manufacturing, then Canada goose would not charge any cost regarding its repair. Also, the parkas of Canada goose can endure low temperature from -10 degrees Celsius to even lower than -25 degrees Celsius. This brand uses white duck down fill for most of its parkas.

Kanuk parkas: This brand includes mini ottoman, polyester, sorona, and synthetic material for keeping warm. The parkas of this brand are available according to different temperature endurance ranges from – 10 degrees Celsius to -30 degrees Celsius. The Kanuk parkas also come with lifetime guarantee regarding any of its manufacturing defects. However, defects from any accidents or human activity are not covered in its guarantee.

The Northface parkas: The most of the Northface parkas comes with lifetime guarantee regarding material defects. This brand use insulation of goose fills down and use other materials like nylon and polyester.

Mackage: Mackage uses materials as nylon, polyester, duck down and feathers of duck in their parkas. The temperature endurance of these parkas is in range of -10 degrees Celsius to -25 degrees Celsius. Mackage provides lifetime guarantee for manufacturing defects in parkas. Thus, such defects could be recovered without spending any money.

Arcteryx: Arcteryx offers synthetic insulation and goose down fill in most of its parkas. However, this brand covers limited warranty for parkas and could charge customer some price for any wear and tear.

Price: The price is the most attractive feature of parka brand which could lure more and more customers. The amount how much any citizen pay for purchasing parka impacts on building market size. These are the price ranges offered by selected parka brands.

Kanuk parkas price range: Kanuk offers price range from $450 to $1330 in its various parkas which are tagged with or without fur. The price range changes according to kind of material used.

The Northface parkas price range: The North face offers price range from $139 to $500 which differs according to various features offered and fabric used.

Canada goose parkas price range: Canada goose offers price range from $395 to $1300 according to certain features of parkas.

Macakage parkas price range: The parkas of Mackage comes with price range of $550 to $1999. Each parka’s price may vary according to its features.

Arcteryx parkas price range: This brand offers price range from $370 to $1200. Each parka’s price may vary due to material used and due to other features.

Sizes: People prefer various sizes according to their personal preference or taste. Thus, for any parka brand the availability of various sizes is necessary. Various parkas have numerous features regarding size. The detail about size availability of selected parka brands is discussed below:

Canada goose: According to slim, regular and relaxed fit Canada goose offer certain edition of parka into different sizes. Like a parka of one style, design and color would be available in small, medium, large according to physique of person. Still certain type of Canada goose parkas may not available in all sizes like the one parka may be available in small, medium, or larger size still it may not come in 2XS, XS, XL, or in 2X2 Size.

Kanuk parkas: Most of Kanuk parkas of one style are offered in all sizes. Certain edition of parkas would be available in extra small, small, medium, large, XXL and XXXL. Thus, one style of kanuk parka would be available for any size of body.

The North face parkas: The North face parkas are available in various sizes. Still one style of parka may not be available for all sizes. Like one edition of parka may be available in XS, small, medium, large but may not come in XL or XXL size.

Mackage parkas: With slim, boxy, cocoon, semi and loose size Mackage offers all sizes for most of editions of parkas that are available in XXS, XS, small, medium, large and XL.

Arcteryx parkas: The certain style of parka of arcteryx is not available in all sizes like one edition may be available in XS, S, ML but it may skip XL or XXL for same edition.

Fur: Fur is the additional feature for any parka brand. According to different choices of people various options are available regarding fur in different parka brands. The major focus of including fur is to keep people warm however, different preferences of customers may want it in different ways. In selected five Parka brands details regarding fur are depicted below.

Canada goose: Canada goose offers parkas with no fur, permanent fur ruff, removable fur ruff or shearling in different styles of parkas. But certain parka edition may not include all these options like one style of parka may come with removable fur ruff while other may be available with no fur.

Arcteryx: Arcteryx offers no fur with any of its parkas. This may be due to availability of high closed neck collars in its various parka editions.

Mackage: Mackage offer fur with parkas but this option may be available with some certain style of parkas. Thus, all mackage parkas not come with fur option.

Kanuk parkas: Kanuk offers most of parkas with optional fur and various furs are available for certain sizes of parkas. Kanuk also has various types of fur with certain parka editions like synthetic fur, white fur, tawny fur, golden fur, silver fur and graphite fur. As the fur in this brand with most parkas is optional thus, it’s upon consumer preference anybody might want to include fur or may buy parka without fur.

The North face: The North face not give options to customer to include or not include fur because only certain editions of parkas of this brand are available with fixed permanent fur. Thus, the North face offers certain parkas with fur and others with no fur.

Color range: There could be various colors which could be of certain kind for attracting certain individual:

Canada goose offers wide range of color range in parkas with 12 different shades including black, grey, dark blue, blue, red, green, orange, yellow, tan, camo, prints etc.

Kanuk parka brand offers upto 4 or 5 different shades for certain style of parka.

The North face offers 11 different shades in parka including, black, blue, grey, red, green, yellow, orange, brown, purple, beige and white.

Mackage offers 8 different shades in parkas including grey, white, ink, navy, army, black paprika and army natural.

Arcteryx offers 9 different shades in parkas including red, blue, grey, black, green, brown, purple, orange and yellow.

Findings: On the base of survey which was done in the form of questionnaire among 27 individuals there were certain findings regarding preferences about parkas according to certain survey regarding parkas depicts that.

There were more than third forth of people who liked optional fur with parkas and only remaining 4 denizens not prefer optional fur with parkas.

Most people like parkas that are made with natural material. Count of such persons was 18 dominating 33.33% of those individuals who preferred artificial material made parkas.

There were very low number of people who preferred short parkas. However, count of denizens was 13 who like to have medium sized parka, and this was followed by 12 individuals who opt long parkas.

Among all parka brands the Canada goose was most heard by people with ratio of 81.48%. However, there were only two individuals count for Arcyteryx and The North face. Kanuk earned nil fame among denizens.

There were 15 respondents who purchased Canada goose as their previous purchase. The North face acquired 6 individuals. However, there was least purchase of Arcyteryx and Mackage.

8 denizens out of 27 do not like to have multiple pockets in parka.However, rest of people liked this option of multiple pockets.

Most people like to have lightweight parka with ratio of 74.07% as compare to denizens who prefer heavyweight parkas which constituted ratio of only 25.93%.

17 out of 27 individuals were those who remained loyal to particular parka brand and only purchased one brand for their whole collection of parkas. However, remaining 10 denizens purchased different brands of parkas.

Color was most major feature for attracting most number of people for purchasing parkas. Beside it, fur, price, weight and thickness were low attraction features with respective figures of 25.93%, 18.52%, 11.11% and 3.7%.

17 out of 27 individuals preferred parkas with numerous buttons or zips and remaining 10 not liked this option in parkas.

Conclusion: Overall, there were five parka brands which were selected to find out the best one. After delving into each aspect and feature of parka finally Canada goose deserve the tag of the best parka among its rivals. Due to countless features like more temperature endurance, better quality of material, lifetime warranty, availability in various sizes for both men-women and children, fur options and with availability in various color ranges Canada goose has dominated all other parka brands and for these features of this brand people are ready to even pay high price for buying parkas of Canada goose.

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