Paperwork Two Personal Development Plan: First submission: preparation For your first PDP submission, you will submit a brief reflection on how you imagine the content of the Market Perspectives module will help you attain your personal and professional goals. To complete this PDP: By Wednesday (14 June 2017) Review the module’s content alongside your PDP and prepare a brief submission (~500 words) about how the module will help you advance your personal and professional development, focusing on topics of particular interest to you. Improving your understanding of how you make buying decisions as a consumer Increasing your knowledge of how organisations create and market their product and service offerings to customers Developing an appreciation of your potential to contribute to the value creation process for the customers of any organisation with which you are associated Thank you very much


Personal Development Plan: First Submission – Preparation

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Personal Development Plan: First Submission – Preparation


This section entails a thorough analysis of the imagination of the marketplace perspectives and their profound impact in advancing my personal and professional goals. The study of marketing perspectives and insights induces profound incentives on how to approach new business frontiers or even expound on the existing ones to create further value addition. The marketing perspectives are an essential entity in a business entity that helps professionals perform to the very best of their ability by understanding the market and how to make the best use of the existing opportunities. The marketing perspectives understanding induce the insights of the existing gaps in the market that ought to be utilized to develop the society, earn profits, assure quality products and services, as well as, intensify the growth rate of companies.

Improving Your Understanding of How You Make Buying Decisions as a Consumer

The approach to marketing perspectives and imaginations entails the insights of informing a customer about the products and services in the marketplace. The profound knowledge and information comprised in marketing strategy comprise of the very best information and illustration of the goods and services as the companies compete to woo consumers in purchasing their products (Marques & Domegan, 2011). For example, in approaching the marketing perspective of such products as Coca Cola’s Dasani bottled products, the company must entice the consumers of healthy issues and quality of the product. The approach supports the service-dominant logic approach that complements marketing by assuring the customers of receiving the best services and quality products. Hence, influencing consumer decisions in favor of the service and products.

Increase Your Knowledge of How Organizations Create and Market their Product and Service Offerings to Customers.

The marketing perspectives play very crucial role in informing the customers of the quality of products and services introduced to the market for consumption. First, the marketing perspective entails a strategic plan that guides the companies on how to sell their products to their customer by first winning their hearts and loyalty. Second, marketing perspectives provide an opportunity where customers can acquire information of diverse companies to similar products and services. Thus, providing an opportunity to weight where one feels is the right and most adequate to purchase (Vargo & Lusch, 2004). Third, the marketing perspectives induce the understanding of the approach when an organization chooses to create awareness of their products to the customers, the target audience – local or worldwide, gender – men or women, etc.

Finally, the marketing imagination capacity of a company helps understand their creative and innovative power providing the organization with a competitive advantage in the market of certain products and services. Hence, impacts to creating a long lasting strong brand, for example, Apple Inc. products, Gucci, Coca Cola, and so forth.

Developing an Appreciation of Your Potential to Contribute to the Value Creation Process for the Customers of Any Organization with Which You are Associated.

The understanding of marketing perspectives is a critical entity in understanding exactly what the consumers undyingly want to be introduced to the market. As a professional, this is an essential approach to drawing creativity and innovation of the products the company chooses to introduce into the market. The revolutionized nature of marketing perspectives elevates one’s understanding of the customers (Yamamoto, 2007). Hence, creates a sense of what is most desired in the market, value addition, and new products. In turn, raise the company’s competitiveness in the industry as they keep the consumers happy and loyal.




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