Ozone pollution

“Spatiotemporal ozone pollution distribution in Houston Texas Harris Countybased on Kriging methodfor certain years (I am not sure about the years yet), and I will try to find its relationship with vulnerability. “

Spatiotemporal analysis will be based on Kriging method and simple I will run regression with vulnerability.

Vulnerability means

Ambient ozone pollution can have adverse effects on the health of exposed populations, but individuals or groups are not equally vulnerable, and pollution reduction benefits are likely to be unevenly distributed within a population. While the use of total-population risks is a valid approach for public health protection, it is increasingly recognized that more attention on vulnerable groups is necessary.

Vulnerable Groups mean poor, disability, old, children, people who live under poverty level, people who have socio economic problems etc.


I completed literature review about

1- ) Ozone pollution

2- ) ozone Pollution and Health Impact

3- ) Spatiotemporal Ozone distribution Models

4- ) Interpolation methods specifically Kriging.

I did not yet completed literature about Vulnerability because it is newly added to my topic.

So, on 05/19/2016 at 10 am central time, I will receive the questions via email from my committee and immediately I will provide it to you.

You will answer the questions based on the literature and my dissertation direction. I will provide link for article about the literature and also you can add new articles as reference to your answers as well. Your writing should be properly cited from the articles.



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