Outline for an Informal Report Essay

This report is designed to study and critically analyze the economic and management problems being currently encountered by the Roanoke Branch of Phoenix Advertising particularly in their employee management approach and the relationship between the management and the subordinate employees.

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Outline for an Informal Report Essay
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I. Background information about the agency is as follows:

The agency being targeted by this report is the Roanoke Branch of Phoenix Advertising located in Charlotte, NC that serves banks, insurance companies and retail chains advertising needs, currently headed by Gregory S.

Forest as the company president and locally handled by Frankie Evans as the Vice-President for Human Resource Management, which is presently besieged by turmoil in their employee management.

II. Information regarding the report investigation.

Determining and critical analyzing the condition of the targeted work branch requires personal investigation approaches. Thus, this researcher has interviewed several employees of the said work branch to determine their opinion and views regarding the work condition and environment in the targeted structure.

In addition, this researcher has also reviewed and analyzed several work documents and manuals pertaining to employee management approach of the company.


III. Results of the investigations.

Thus, the said investigation has determined that the Roanoke Branch of Phoenix Advertising is currently experiencing several employee management and employee relations problems, which are significantly affecting the production and quality of service of the said office. Among its problems is the significant decrease in the morale of the employee particularly in their dedication for their work, quality of work environment and the dissatisfaction with the services and performance of their superiors.

This in turn has caused higher stress level for the employees thus, further aggravating their discontentment with their work conditions. In addition, this problem has also affected the production rate of the said branch as the rate of absenteeism and turnovers have increased to a detrimental level. Other contributory factor to the discontented wok nature of the employees are the lack of communication between the body of employee and the management, increased in the work load for each employee, and the  increasing unpaid overtime dues to the employees.

IV. Recommendations

To address the investigated employee management and relation in the employee’s body of the Roanoke Branch of the Phoenix Advertising, this researcher recommends the following approaches.

A. Revising the hiring and recruitment procedures particularly drawing out a clearer and more comprehensive work contract that elaborates the rights and privileges of the employees to encourage more applicants thus enabling the administration to expand the workforce pool in the Roanoke Branch.

B. Establish experimental work system to determine the most convenient for the employees and the most effective for the company’s production cycle. Included in this concept are the aspects of employee scheduling employing a fixed but semi-rotational work schedule for each employee and shortening the work period through extending or establishing employee vacations and day offs.

C. Reducing the workload of the employees through hiring in part-time personnel especially during work peak seasons to accommodate the increasing workload and increase the work capacity of the Roanoke branch.

D. Formulating grievance and dispute procedures to expand the communication aspect between the management and employees wherein employees’ views and opinions can be expressed and will be duly addressed and incorporated in the development plans of the Roanoke branch. With this implemented, the work environment and condition of the employees can be improved in accordance to their preferences thus promoting in turn their dedication and willingness to do their job tasks and their personal safety while in working condition.

E. Establishing a management development training program where the leadership and interpersonal skills of the branch’s leaders and managers can be develop thus enabling them to better relate and understand their subordinate employees.

F. Establishing employee incentives approach as the management’s tool for motivation for their employees and their rewards for the hard work and services done by their employees. These incentives can manifest through different forms such as awards like employee of the month, compensation time, extra bonuses, and profit share, which are all constituted in monetary and honorable recognition forms.

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