Other Ways to Say In Conclusion: 15 Other Ways

A conclusion is a final paragraph in your academic paper, after working hard to present your audience with an introduction and compelling arguments. It is essential that you bring your writing to a close. Use your conclusion paragraph to make a final impact on your audience. One way you can do this is by understanding other ways to say in conclusion and how they are applied.

other ways to say in conclusion

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Other Ways to Say In Conclusion: 15 Other Ways
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Below are some examples

1. To sum up

One way to inform your audience that you are ending your writing is by saying, “to sum up.” It is especially perfect when you are completing a presentation.

In an essay, readers can see when the end of your writing is near, so “to sum up” is not commonly used in writing. When using it, first state the purpose for the presentation you are working on or the purpose for your writing. Briefly highlight your main points.


To sum up, dogs are the best pets because they will protect your home, keep you active, help you relieve stress, and they are your best friend.

2. In a nutshell

“In a nutshell” is an excellent way of summarizing your topic using a few words. This expression should remind you that your last words when ending a presentation or writing will often be remembered first.

You also need to remember that you should summarize your main points. So you need to make it short. This expression is great for ending a talk or your writing. For example, in a nutshell, dogs are the best pets because they are your best friend.

3. Other ways to say in conclusion: To put it simply

This expression works well when you are trying to explain to your audience a complicated topic in one or two sentences. For example, to put it simply, environmental degradation is so severe. To stop it, we need to change our actions.

4. All in all

During essay writing and considering all the possibilities in your arguments, you can use this expression to conclude your work.  Also, your writing could be having a lot of examples, experiences, or even facts. Your final paragraph should be based on all the lessons learned in the body section.


All in all, from my personal experience I can say that dogs are your best friend. It is also great to have them around.

5. In summary

You can end your speech or your essay using “in summary.” This phrase shows that you will be summarizing your essay’s main points or the main points in your speech.


In summary, dogs will protect your home, keep you active, relieve stress, and be your best friend.

6. For these reasons

When you are trying to make a point concerning a specific issue or subject and you provide solid proof, then, you can use this phrase. You can use this phrase followed by your main points or your opinion.


For these reasons, dogs are great pets and anyone can get a dog and be happy. I can recommend it to pet lovers.

7. To wrap it up

When you have presented a lot of examples and you want to form a connection to bring them together, you can use this phrase.


To wrap it up, we can agree that dogs make great pets. You can get one, and you will be best friends.

8. Considering all these things

This is another one of the in conclusion alternatives. When you are writing your essay, and you have presented several facts and examples in your arguments, you can consider using this expression. It means you are drawing a conclusion after considering all the facts and examples that have been mentioned.


Considering all these things, environmental degradation is a serious problem and people should act now.

9. In review

When you are about to highlight the main points of your discussion, you can use “in review.”  Your audience will know that you are giving a brief review.


“In review” environmental degradation is dangerous. If people don’t act now, it can change the future forever. Such would be a perfect way to end your air pollution essay.

10. To conclude

This is an easy way to end your presentation. You will state this phrase and follow it by summarizing your main points. It is one of the other ways to say in conclusion.


To conclude, environmental degradation is a global problem, and everyone should take it seriously. The necessary action needs to be taken now.

11. In short

This is another in conclusion synonym  that informs your audience your presentation is coming to an end. This means that you will be summarizing your main points. It is essential to make the summary short so that you don’t lose your audience.


In short, dogs make great pets because they are friendly, offer protection, keep you fit and relieve anxiety.

12. As you can see

Other ways to say in conclusion is “as you can see.” You can use this phrase in your conclusion paragraph after citing facts and examples in your arguments.

This is a great way to wrap up your writing and help your audience see your main points. You can state this phrase followed by the main points that you have already discussed.


As you can see from our discussion, dogs are great pets, and any pet lover will be happy to have them.

13. To Put it all together

This phrase is a signal that your presentation is about to come to an end. It means that all the different facts that you have presented to your readers lead to a single truth, which is your main point.


To put it all together, environmental degradation is a real problem. There is a need to join efforts  to save the future generation.

14. As a result

This phrase shows the consequences of something that have taken place. You can also use it when there are other possible outcomes.


Dogs are very loyal and friendly; as a result, they are man’s best friend.

15. Finally

Finally is what to say instead of in conclusion. It is one of the in conclusion alternatives that speak of an ultimate result. It shows the end of something or the outcome.


Finally, the campaigns against environmental degradation have been funded. This will be helpful in sensitization.

How to end an essay

There are different styles, lengths, and even tones of concluding paragraph depending on the type of academic paper you are writing. There are also other ways to say in conclusion when finalizing your term papers.

Argumentative essay

This type of essay uses logic, emotions, and facts to convince readers of an idea or a viewpoint. When writing a conclusion paragraph in this type of essay, you need to be persuasive.

A real-life scenario will work well to illustrate your point. You can also use a call to action to encourage your audience to take action. The following are tips that you can use

  • Read your entire essay before you begin writing your conclusion paragraph
  • Emphasize your ideas
  • Write about possible implications
  • You can appeal to your readers’ emotions

Compare and Contrast Essay

other ways to say in conclusion

A compare and contrast essay  discusses the differences and similarities of two or more subjects. When finalizing this type of essay, you should present a logical conclusion highlighting how similar and different the subjects are.

The conclusion should highlight these similarities and differences that you have discussed in the body section. Give your readers something to think about.

A descriptive essay

In this type of essay, you use your creativity to paint a vivid picture of the story you are telling. In this creative type of writing, the final paragraph of this essay should use imagery as other ways to say in conclusion. You can provide reasons for writing the essay and how it affects you.

Essay about yourself

An essay about yourself is usually an essay about your personal story. You can conclude this type of essay by writing about the lessons you have learned and connecting them to the introduction paragraph.

Informative essay

An expository essay or an informative essay typically presents readers with a lot of different information and facts. Synthesize the information instead of summarizing it in your conclusion paragraph. Highlight the significance of the information you have already provided.

Narrative essay

A narrative essay usually tells a story and shares specific details. When ending this type of paper, you should not end abruptly. Instead, wrap it up. Include the key lessons learned from your story.

Lab Report

This is a report that is written based on an experiment. This is a paper that describes a student’s experiment and the flow of that experiment.

Your conclusion paragraph in this type of report should reflect the outcome of the experiment. Below are key points you should consider in your lab report

  • Restating your experiment’s goal
  • Include the methods you used in the experiment
  • Report the results and analyze data
  • Finalize by discussing whether the experiment was successful and if you achieved your goal

Research Paper

A research paper investigates a problem, and it is longer in length compared to other academic papers. When writing a conclusion for a research paper, make sure it is powerful and impactful. Here are steps for concluding a research paper.

  • Restate your topic and remind your readers about the topic of the research
  • Paraphrase your thesis and make it specific, concise, and relevant to the topic
  • Summarize your main points from the body section
  • Show how your findings will help in the future development
  • Make sure you answer relevant questions to your research

Tips for successfully concluding your essay

There are different ways to say in conclusion when finalizing your paper. Here is what to say in conclusion

  • Do not provide new information in the conclusion paragraph of your essay.
  • Make your conclusion powerful and impactful by using a clear and straight forward message
  • Avoid using too many quotes in your conclusion paragraph; instead, use only one quote in this section
  • Leave a good impression by exuding confidence and convincing your audience when finalizing your paper

How to write a conclusion

Your final paragraph in your essay should leave a lasting impression in the mind of your readers. A conclusion should not only restate a thesis statement but should also be authoritative and impactful. Here are some basic principles that you should keep in mind when writing your conclusion paragraph.

Show your readers that you have completed what you were set out to do and wrap up your entire paper. Provide a sense of closure on your topic as you show how you have proved your thesis.

Leave your readers with something to think about. Let your conclusion impact them powerfully.

Conclusion paragraph outline

The number of sentences and words in your conclusion will vary depending on the number of points you have discussed in the body section. Usually, the conclusion is said to be 10 percent of your total word count. Here are the elements of a conclusion outline

1. Conclusion Starter

Rephrase your thesis and direct your readers to your thesis statement. This is the best way to start a conclusion.

2. Summarize your Arguments

The next thing you need to do after paraphrasing your thesis is to wrap up the main highlights from the body section of your essay. Depending on the number of arguments, your summary should be approximately 2-3 sentences.

3. Concluding Sentence

Make the final sentence powerful and let it leave a lasting impression on your readers. Make a connection back to the introduction to give your readers a sense of completeness.

Key takeaway

other ways to say in conclusion

There are other ways to say in conclusion that will make your writing look sharp. In conclusion alternatives make your essay more interesting to write and enjoyable to read. It also makes your paper to be unique. When writing an academic paper, your concluding paragraph is as important as the other paragraphs.

There are no strict rules on how to write a conclusion. If you follow the basic principles of writing a conclusion, your final section will be impactful. Make sure you leave a lasting impression in the minds of your readers. To learn more about other ways to say in conclusion, place your order now.

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