Orthodontics Essay

I am currently a 4th year dental student and I would like to apply for a postgraduate residency in Orthodontics. I have assessed the advantages and disadvantages of pursuing this career and I feel that being of service to a lot of people and raising their self-esteem by beautifying them is what drives me towards this direction. I have always focused on both the physical as well as the mental enhancement of my capabilities. I have learned to focus on achievement not only as flat numbers on a page, but as an indicator that I am getting better, making progress toward being the best I can be.

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Orthodontics Essay
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I believe I can be of help to the community where I belong in both the short term and long term. I know that I do not have the luxury of mediocrity or pessimism or apathy—that peak performance is demanded in this profession, We have all been in situations where the best of ourselves emerged at levels we previously thought impossible, and have seen such moments in our families, in projects that worked.

I had been in projects and cultural and social activities in school that I feel would help me contribute in my efforts in pursuing Orthodontics.

I believe in team productivity that would help serve self-development and personal fulfillment, and by extension, the vitality and prosperity of the school where I plan to pursue further studies. I know I can contribute to the school in my own small way because I feel most alive when engaged full-throttle. Call it positive addiction, a contributory obsession, a passion to create one’s self through one’s work, yet I thrive in that and I can’t wait to channel my energies towards these worthy efforts.

I have made further explorations of what this university stands for and what it has to offer, and I have to say that my appreciation of this university has grown. I have learned that it stands not only for academic excellence that prepares students for the challenges of career and real life, but also for a value-ladened education that emphasizes values education and a concern and commitment for a more humane and just world. This university aroused my interest in particular, because it fits in with my earlier notions that education should include immersion in real life problems and challenges.

I am excited and eager to find out how I can fulfill my potential by subjecting myself to the discipline and immersing myself in the daily life of this University and the many issues tied to being an educated and compassionate person in a complex world. After much reflection, I have come to regard this University as one of the best options for a young person like me. I am excited at the prospect of being considered for admission here. I hereby present myself with a strong grasp of fundamentals in dentistry, an insatiable thirst for knowledge and an array of teaching, leadership and team member skills.

I sincerely hope that my background and undergraduate qualifications are deemed appropriate for higher studies in your university. I feel my best work is still in the future. I believe I can contribute and make a difference, and successfully complete the requirements, if given a chance. I am full of enthusiasm and am eager to bring to bear my personal strengths and interests, and my zeal to excel in my chosen field to the pursuit of excellence in my areas of interest.

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