Organization Description Sample Essay

SAP Consulting Pvt. LTD, formed in 2002, is a leading provider of technical and business solutions. The organization has strength of 6529 employees spread across five locations – New York, California, Austin, Omaha and San Antonio. The administrative office is situated in New York. This is also the headquarters of the company and seats an additional 250 employees. The company provides precise and efficient solutions to clients like J.P Morgan Chase, Fidelity Investments, and Apollo Hospitals alike for their emerging business needs as well as for optimizing their existing business processes.

In 2012, America’s leading business magazine, Forbes, rated SAP Consulting as No.1 in emerging business organizations in the field of technical consulting.

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Organization Description Sample Essay
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Our projects

The major clientele of SAP Consulting Ltd is related to investing banking and insurance domain. The major focus has been to improve the business processes that our clients have in place, the legacy systems, and to have consistent solutions throughout the organization. The aim of SAP Consulting to serve their clients is to align the objectives of the company with the objectives of the clients.

Recent developments in the company and problem description

Recently, the organization acquired BMI Consulting Pvt. Ltd, a small company based out of Mumbai, India having approximately 1200 employees. Traditionally, all the email communication within the organization happened through a local Kerio server which provided 10GB of storage space shared between multiple members of a team at a time. The volume of email communication increased tremendously with this acquisition as the employees of BMI Consulting joined SAP Consulting and their projects were migrated.

Solution to the problem

SAP Consulting has decided to use a suite of products provided by Google which contains Calendar, Email and IM client. This, in turn, resolves the problem by increasing the storage capacity for usage and introducing a cross-platform IM client accessible to all the employees on all devices and from different locations.

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