organisational failure and its consequences

  1. Apply relevant models, concepts, theories and literature in the field of organisational behaviour. You are expected to incorporate relevant research and theory from the broader organisational behaviour literature (e.g., journal articles and/or books), not just the text and course materials (in addition to ‘other’ sources, your reference list should include a minimum of ten journal articles);
  2. Conduct desk research to obtain information and/or data and examples to illustrate and support your analysis, evaluation and recommendations (e.g. media reports, interviews, independent investigation reports, organisational reports, etc.).

Choosing a Case:

  • The organisational failure / problem must have occurred in the last 10 years.
  • It is recommended that you choose a case where the failure was of considerable magnitude or the organisation successfully dealt with a significant problem. That is, the failure caused some kind of harm to one or more of the organisation’s stakeholders (e.g. employees, customers, shareholders, suppliers, the community, the organisation’s board, etc.).
  • You may not analyse a case that has been discussed in class (e.g. Google, Nike), nor may you derive your analysis from an existing case study.
  • Beyond these requirements, the choice of case is at your discretion. Students are expected to select a case they are familiar with (e.g., from personal experience, or through their network). Note: all ‘personal’ case information will be treated as private and confidential…….
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