Opportunity Discovery Report

The travel industry is immensely popular, and it rakes in billions of dollars on an annual basis. A significant fraction of travellers relies on the services of tour companies to structure the trip and help guide them to the different destinations. However, the problems with the tour companies are plenty:
• The tours do not give the consumers their value for money.
• The tours are restrictive in nature.
• The diverse company makes the chances of touring with like-minded individuals low.
The application called TourAlpha aims at offering a unique experience by eliminating the negatives associated with the use of tour companies. The opportunity evaluation tools and the tests helped to highlight areas of weakness, and strengths of the tour companies in comparison with the application. They also highlighted the opportunities that can be taken advantage of and threats that need to be eliminated. This information provided insight about how best to structure/design the application for the market. They also helped add to the value proposition canvas by highlighting potential opportunities and threats. The opportunity evaluation tools and tests revealed:
• The demand for the product is high.
• The need for the adoption of security measures.
• The need for more features.
• The idea is worth pursuing with the idea to iterate and pivot……….

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