Opponents of Globalization Essay

Globalization is a dream that any idealist would want but developing countries have been paying the price for capitalism. International trade may be reaping profits for rich countries but it also destroys cultural identity and further impoverishes Third World countries. It is inevitable that globalization would homogenize people. To be able to market their goods, multi-national corporations need to create “the same values, the same tastes and use the same advertising” (Turning Point Project, 2002, para. 3).

Participating in global markets also requires adapting to the language of the key players.

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Opponents of Globalization Essay
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A factual example is when “an advisory commission to the late Japanese Prime Minister Obuchi suggested that English be adopted as the second official language of Japan” (Kawai, 2003, para. 1). Altering the language of a people can directly make a nation lose its identity. These efforts drown local tastes from which domestic industries rely on therefore causing the collapse of national businesses which can cause further poverty.

To be able to play in the international arena, developing countries rely on loans from global financial entities to sustain productivity.

“Third World countries mortgage their future by selling off irreplaceable capital-their natural resources (Suzuki, 2003, p. 96). In fact, Brazil has chosen to allow the destruction of the Amazon forests to pay off their loans. Perseverance to pay the debts also pushes these poor countries to grow a certain crop as compared to their natural tendency to plant the different basic food to meet the needs of their population.

The shift of land away from local food crops decreases the supply and increases the price, thus further impoverishing the people (Gore, 2006, p. 54) . These debts are therefore purpose-defying. The world is beautiful because of cultural diversity and each nation needs to protects its natural resources. Globalization poses a threat to the impoverished and should be controlled before it further destroys lives.

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