Operations Management Essay

1. History

Since starting out in 1989, the Glad Group has grown to become one of Australia’s leading property service providers. Initially established as Glad Cleaning Services, the company provided cleaning solutions for shopping centres and businesses. In November 2006 Glad Cleaning Services re-branded itself to the Glad Group, now offering integrated property solutions. With a strong focus on customer service and great value pricing, the Glad Group has continued to develop and maintain long-term relationships with its clients over the years. Company founders Nick and Lucy Iloski recognised there was a need to offer an integrated service that specialised in flexible solutions for the retail and commercial markets.

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Operations Management Essay
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Their customer focused approach was welcomed in the market and the company grew rapidly. Today, the Glad Group excels in five key property services: Retail Cleaning, Commercial Cleaning, Security, Maintenance, and Waste Management & Environmental Solutions. Glad offers these services individually, or as an integrated property solution.

2. Introduction

2.1. Customer Service

The Glad Group is based on a culture of integrity and dedication.

‘Commitment without compromise’ underpins every operation Glad undertakes. Glad Group takes customer service seriously and aims to deliver enduring value through innovative, customer focused property solutions that provide a safe, clean and friendly environment for clients, their customers and the community. High standards of customer service are obtained through employee training, compliance, and industry innovation and embracing technology. Individuals are empowered through an environment of support and encouragement, making service and solutions quicker and easier for clients. The Glad Group believes trust, integrity, and dependability is essential in every working relationship and always treats clients, employees, contractors and community ethically and with respect.

2.2. Quality Control

The Glad Group is accredited to ISO 9001 Quality Management System, AS 4801 Occupational Health and Safety and ISO14001 Environmental Management System. Glad’s comprehensive integrated management system along with the use of Praxeo and Kevah software ensures the staff comply with the current laws, acts, regulations and codes of practice. This has created a safer and more secure work environment, resulting in a progressive reduction in incidents and accidents.

3. Location

The Glad Group has been providing property services to the Australian market since 1989. Today the Glad Group is proud to provide services nationally to a range of market sectors including major, regional and neighbourhood shopping centres, commercial buildings, schools and universities, federal, state and local government offices and financial institutions. Glad Commercial Cleaning has several work locations. Investa Property Group, which is one of the clients of Glad Group, owns the office building at Deutsche Bank Place, 126 Phillip Street, Sydney. Located on the prime eastern edge of the CBD, Deutsche Bank Place has commanding and unrestricted views of Sydney Harbour and the Botanical Gardens and it is very convenient for employees to travel to and from.

Deutsche Bank Place is a 240 m skyscraper in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. It is located at 126 Phillip Street in the north-eastern end of the central business district, across the road from Chifley Tower. Construction began in 2002 and was completed in 2005. The building’s architect is Norman Foster of Foster and Partners. Deutsche Bank is the primary tenant, occupying 9 floors and owning the naming rights. It is owned and managed by Investa Property Group. Other major tenants are Allens Arthur, Bain & Company and Seven Wentworth. The 42,256m² of total net lettable area boasts a NABERS Energy rating of 4.5 stars and a spectacular entry plaza. The building also offers cafés, a brassiere, tenant showers, lockers and bike racks, a child care centre and outdoor areas. Located at the top of Hunter Street in the heart of the CBD, it is readily accessible by car and all public transport options.

3.1. Access

It is very important these kind of commercial buildings to be easily accessible because there are lots of employees working in this building assuming 100 people for each level for a building that has 31 commercial levels beside other workers such as cleaners and securities as well as to receive the deliveries inside conveniently and timely.

4. Action Plans

4.1. Sustainability

At Glad people believe corporate responsibilities include protecting the environment. That’s why an accredited environmental management system was developed. This system helps identify products or services that could affect the environment. To assist the system several policies, codes of practice, guidelines and International standards were adopted which exceed legislative compliance. All this ensures the best outcome for the environment. Every Glad employee receives training and development in the company’s environmental system. It is very important to continuously develop and tailor site specific training and education packages that focus on recycling and sustainability solutions and procedures. The Glad Group use and offer the following environmentally friendly products and services: Green cleaning products and water wise machines

Reusable microfiber cleaning cloths
Water recycling products
Biodegradable products
Waste management (recycling) consultancy
Recently, Glad acquired the most powerful portable high pressure steam cleaner in Australia. This new chemical free steam cleaner is a powerful unit that is not only environmentally friendly but also provides:

Improved levels of sanitisation
Indoor/outdoor applications
Graffiti removal
Water heated to extremely high temperatures – killing bacteria, mould and viruses in large areas
Chemical free portable high pressure steam cleaning for carpets
Ideal for pavement/hard surfaces/entries & facades
Pollution free operation
Uses recycled water system
Extraction of waste water (waste water is taken to the site and then removed from the site)

4.1.1. New Steam Clean Technology

The Glad Group have mobile chemical free cleaning technology that can come to your site and clean just about anything, from floors and carpets, to car parks and railway platforms. Not only does the system of high pressure (3000 PSI) and steam (260°C) clean, it also removes the waste and residue instantly via the extraction system (400 ft of hose). Furthermore, not only does the truck bring its own water, it takes the waste water away for recycling.

4.2. Risk and Insurance Management

The Glad Group takes hazard assessment and risk management very seriously. Glad’s comprehensive approach ensures clients; their customers and employees are safe from hazards that might cause injury. Glad commission Proclaim to actively investigate and manage public liability claims swiftly and professionally on behalf of the Glad Group and clients. Prior to the commencement of any contract a risk analysis is conducted, site specific safe work method instructions are designed and then audit on an ongoing basis.

To further improve safety, Glad also operates a cutting edge software system called Glad Easi. It’s a touch screen reporting program designed to provide an effective and auditable trail of information regarding employees, contractors and visitors within work sites. Due to the comprehensive approach to health & safety and the efficiency of reporting methods, the Glad Group has one of the lowest public liability and workers compensation premiums in the industry. This results in considerable cost savings to clients.

4.3. HR Compliance

The Glad Group is accredited to ISO 9001 Quality Management System, AS 4801 Occupational Health and Safety and ISO14001 Environmental Management System. Glad’s comprehensive integrated management system along with the use of Praxeo and Kevah software ensures the staff comply with the current laws, acts, regulations and codes of practice. This has created a safer and more secure work environment, resulting in a progressive reduction in incidents and accidents

4.4. Induction and Training

All Glad Group employees are selected through an extensive interview process. Applicants must also provide evidence of their eligibility to work in Australia. Further checks such as, criminality record and immigration (DIMA) are then conducted by the Human Resource Department to ensure eligibility. Prior to issuing all cleaners, security guards and maintenance personnel with photo identification cards, the Glad Group provide detailed induction training at Head Office via Glad Compliance Department. This includes a number of training videos incorporating OH&S endorsed procedures and detailed site instructions. All training is evaluated and recorded on an employee’s electronic training record. Eligible staff is also enrolled in Certificate I, II, III and IV courses in Cleaning and Asset Maintenance. Each of supervisors has a certificate in Asset Maintenance and extensive site experience for commercial and retail sites. 5. Innovation

5.1. G.M.R

The Glad Mobile Reporting system is a powerful and flexible software solution used on hand held PDA’s. This software has assisted the Glad Group in the management of property services and the assets and life cycles of our client’s properties. The benefit it provides to clients is real-time on-site inspection reports such as:

Quality assurance inspections
Incident/accident reporting
Damage/condition reporting
OH & S audits

5.2. Glad Easi

The GLAD EASI system is a touch screen software solution designed to provide an audit trail of vital information for the Glad Group and its clients. The GLAD EASI system captures data such as:

Time and attendance
Employees entering and exiting the premises with delivery of information at both entry and egress
Authorised entry for contractors and safety requirements to be met on entry and egress
Safety aspects associated with the sites

The system is also used for ongoing training of site personnel via extensive OH&S video series.

5.3. Escalator Machine
An innovative widely used easy to move machine to clean hard floor, stairway and escalator is coming soon to be used not only for ease of use but to save time as well.

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