1. You are expected to conduct an extensive research on the operations strategies adopted by FedEx Corporation from a global perspective. You may refer to any number of sources and also interact with consumers and employees of FedEx in your region. The following video case is proposed to be a good foundation for your research. The operations process of FedEx Corporation and the way in which they operate is explored.

Based on the video case on FedEx Corporation

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lSZdKK14zgg&feature=kp and further research, you are expected to answer the following questions:

  • QUESTION: Explain the concept of linear programming and solve the problem stated below:

A store wants to liquidate 200 of its shirts and 100 pairs of pants from last season. They have decided to put together two offers, A and B. Offer A is a package of one shirt and a pair of pants which will sell for $30. Offer B is a package of three shirts and a pair of pants, which will sell for $50. The store does not want to sell less than 20 packages of Offer A and less than 10 of Offer B. How many packages of each do they have to sell to maximize the money generated from the promotion?

  • QUESTION: From the video case study provided, examine the operational procedures of FedEx Corporation and produce a set of clearly defined operational outcomes.
  1. The various stages in baking a loaf of bread are given below. Create a network plan and indicate the resultant critical path for the below mentioned problem. Also evaluate the critical path in the network diagram in context of the situation given in the problem and elucidate the significance of the critical path.
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