Opening ceremony of Hunger Games Essay

“Happy Hunger Games!”

The 74th Hunger Games got under way in spectacular fashion today with a fabulous opening ceremony in the capital .The Hunger Games held once a year. The opening ceremony began at the City Circle, audiences were the most prestigious citizens of the Capital, they watched in the buildings that beside Circle. Tributes from 12 districts sanded on the chariots and stopped in front of the President Snow’s mansion. When music ends, the president gave a speech to welcome participants.

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Opening ceremony of Hunger Games Essay
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At the end of speech, he said slogan of the game: “Happy Hunger Games!”

The Hunger Games is a TV show which is very popular in the country. It has 24 tributes who from different districts, each area elected 2 people to join this game. Only one of them who survive can win.

The opening ceremony began in the melodic songs. Twelve chariots appeared following one by one, Tributes wearing clothing that can show local characteristics. Chariot from district 1 pulled by snow-white houses.

District 1 manufactured of luxury for the capital, so players’ clothing is gorgeous. Other districts players were showing their own style at that moment.

The perfect costume that citizens think came from District 12. Their clothing was on fire. One audience said: “They were so breathtaking and dazzling and I was completely fascinated. I can hear everyone shouted: ‘District 12! District 12! ’ ”.

When the national anthem played, the camera lens to switch to district players’ faces, and turned around quickly. At last, the twelve districts’ chariots circling a week .Then, disappeared into the Training Center.

Online referendum displaced this year’s opening ceremony is better than any other show. This attracted thousands to watch.

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