ONLINE SHOPPING CART for ‘MacWarrior Super Supplements’
The Macquarie University Sport and Aquatic Centre ( have decided to start a new business venture involving selling vitamins and health supplements.
This assignment asks you to build an Online shopping cart using php. This assignment will be submitted in two parts. The first part will include a documentation whereas the second one is the programming element.
You will need to form into groups of 3.
Assignment specification will be available on the iLearn site. Submission will be via iLearn.
Elements of Web design:
1. HTML home page:
a. You need to design a basic HTML webpage that acts like a homepage.
b. An image that acts as a link from the homepage should take Customers to an online shopping page.
2. Online Shopping Page:
a. On the Online Shopping page, Customers can browse online looking through images of vitamins – Plus accept discount Coupons.
3. Detailed Information page:
a. When an image is clicked, more information on the product must be displayed in a new page.
b. Next to the product must be an option to ‘Add this product to Cart’ button.
c. There should be an option for customers to order up to 99 quantities of each product.
4. Shopping Cart page:
a. When ‘Add this product to Cart’ button is pressed (on Detailed Information page), it needs to be directed to a page that shows the shopping cart so far.
The followinglinks should be provided on this page.
b. Using one link, the Customers must be able to go back to the Online Shopping Page and be able to add more products onto the cart
c. Using the other link, Customers must be able to Checkout.
5. Checkout page:
a. When Customers click on Checkout option, all products along with their description and individual price must be displayed. Also, total price must be displayed.
b. At this stage, Customers must be asked to enter their Name, Billing Address, Email and Phone Number.
c. Ask whether the order is Pickup or Delivery (If ‘Delivery’ add Delivery Address box, with option to make it the same as Billing Address).
d. Incorporate simulated Credit Card payment system.
6. Confirmation page:
a. This will be just a page that displays the ‘Order Confirmed!’ message along with Customer’s ORDERID, date and time.
Assignment-2 Part 1: Design and Documentation. (Group of 3)

Due in Week-10, Weighting: 10%. (10 marks)
You are required to submit a single Word (.doc/x) document containing the following in this order. Label each diagram and provide a description/explanation for your design with each diagram. Submit via the submission link on iLearn.
1. Context diagram (0.5 marks)
2. Data-flow diagram (1.5 marks)
3. Database design including E-R diagrams and data definitions and brief description of the process you went through in designing the database. (2.5 marks)
4. Screen Design– including an explanation of how it meets good HCI design (3 marks)
5. Screen Flow/Navigation (1 marks)
6. Discuss your approach to designing accurate data entry procedures (0.5 mark)
7. Discuss your approach to designing effective input and output (1 mark)

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