One of the current challenges is emphSecurity While organizations Essay

One of the current challenges is emph{Security}. While organizations are on the run to continue perfecting, adopting, and expanding their DevOps projects, security has grown to be an urgent issue. Receiving daily reports on data breaches and malicious attacks on the system has became regular in organizations. cite{cha1}. While DevOps tools and processes helping organizations to stay innovative within a limited deployment time-lines, the risks of lack of security in organizations remain real and extremely costly cite{cha1}. This puts DevOps under pressure to implement stronger and smarter security measures, as well as adopting a well suited set of secure DevOps practices cite{cha1}.

The major challenges includes the amount of time required to adopt, and cultural differences among the security, IT and DevOps roles.newline

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One of the current challenges is emphSecurity While organizations Essay
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emph{DigiCert} (a multinational technology company focused on digital security) has recently commissioned a survey of 300 U.S. enterprises, exerting effort to explore whether organizations are breaking down the silos and inviting security to join the DevOps movement cite{cha2}.

They began by asking enterprises to name their most important enterprise goals. Reflecting the pressures outlined above they chose increasing information security, increasing IT agility and increasing development agility.newline

What is worth mentioning, a challenge highlighted from the conflict of the enterprise goals with one another.textit{“Going faster means introducing security risks while maximizing security means slowing things down.”} said Dan Timpson, Chief Technology Officer at textit{DigiCert} cite{cha2}. The overall of the survey outcome emph{DigiCert} has conducted was roughly half (49%) of the enterprises have already integrated security into DevOps, and another (49%) actively working on completing that integration, while the remaining 2% have no interest in integration cite{cha2}.newline

Change never been easy on organizations, and managing a secure DevOps cycle within is not an easy transition/development on many levels. Teams and experts need to adjust themselves to a new organizational structure, as new processes need to be adopted, new skills need to be developed, and new tools need to be integrated cite{cha1}. As companies continue to adopt a secure DevOps approach, they should be aware of the common challenges management teams face as they set out on this journey cite{cha1}.

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