One aspect of any law has to be its effectiveness. Can you really change one’s behavior by having a law? What makes a law and/or a consequence effective? Thoughts?

It is difficult for a law to change a behavior of a person, though it is imperative to note that having a law can deter a person for exercising a behavior which can be contrary to the law. The fear of the consequences that a law comes with makes it very difficult for certain people to engage in such behaviors. However, if the law is difficult to monitor, or if a person has made a rational choice, then despite the law, they would engage in their behavior. For instance, it is unlawful for use certain drugs like cocaine. However, the law prevents the people for such behaviors, but privately, they engage in drug abuse and overdose. What makes a law and or its consequence effective is the ability to enforce the law effectively. Law enforcement is the significant aspect that determines is a behavior will be practiced or the law prevents its practice.

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