Obesity In The United States

You will research a topic and write an 8-12-page paper which argues and proves your research-based, educated opinion on that topic.

This paper must begin with a comedy text that discusses (either directly or indirectly) some serious social issue and makes an argument about it. (Text can be defined in several ways – video, book, poems, song, and several other things; ask me.)

In order to start writing this paper, you must:
a. choose an appropriate comedy sketch; (I chose a stand-up comedy from Gabriel Iglesias called Sorry For What I Said When I Was Hungry)
b. analyze and learn that sketch very well;
c. thoroughly research the social issue the sketch discusses, all aspects and all sides.

The thesis of the paper must say whether or not the comedy sketch treats all aspects of the issue fairly and whether or not it argues its point honestly and thoroughly.

The paper itself must earn that thesis statement in the following ways:

It must explain the comedy sketch.
It must explain all aspects of the social issue it addresses.
It must compare the argumentative points the sketch discusses with the points involved in
the issue.
It must prove the thesis statement with a thorough comparison that skips nothing – especially not the opinions of the people either you or the sketch disagrees with.

Note: You should probably keep in mind that some comedy sketches address social issues indirectly rather than directly, and that sometimes, even this method allows them to argue pretty well.

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