Obesity Among University Student Essay

A busy lifestyle and a pack schedule among University student is a common view, when they are pursuing their study at the higher level. We are all agreed that Education comes first but, how about healthiness?. Almost every student in University was not choosy about what they eat, as their eating habit can affect their study performance. They are not concern about their fat level in the body which can lead to obesity. It is proven that this problem become more serious when there are too many university student get bigger on their size.

When our body got bigger, we are exposed to the danger and easily to get disease. Thus, we need to find out the reason which cause obesity and the way to overcome this problem. The reason which cause obesity problem among student is because they are lack of physical activity. Generally, university student takes too much effort for studying without thinking about their own healthy. In real life, this is totally wrong.

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Obesity Among University Student Essay
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Indeed, a good student will always look after their healthy and at the same time, they try to consistence for their study. Furthermore, influent to video gaming is one of the reason about why student lack of physical activity. As we can see, almost all students use technology in their university life. But, there raises one serious questions about “ Is students can manage their technology in only positive way? ”. It is wrong because, there are too many students that do not want to involve in outdoor activity. Their mind set is to play video game as well as too active in social networking. For them, playing video game is very entertaining compare to what they are going to learn from the outdoor activity. All this things will affect their interest in sports. Thus, it is prove to say that the main reason for obesity problem among university student is because they are not willing to get involved into whatever activity which an help us to build an ideal body.

The next reason which is an emotional concerns, ( The World Health Organisation, 2010 ). We know that, university students face so many assignment as they are at the high level of study environment. Not enough with academic problem, student sometimes also have their private problem such as family problem. It cannot be denied that every human have their own problem. When all this problem appear, students will got easily depress if they find is was so troublesome to solve their burden. During depression, some students may eat disorderly and barely hard to control themselves because, eating is one of the best way to release tension or stress that spinning in their head. This automatically will cause the problem of obesity. The thought about it is very sinful to throw away food is also related to the emotional concerns. Feeling of guilty to throw away food although it is not good for healthy and not to mention of wasting.

Fast food infiltration in student culture can give an instant reaction after a long term period. Students choose fast food because of their fast serving and taste delicious, but that does not mean that the fast food is a good diet, because fast food contains excess non-nutrient in that food. It is also contain a high concentration of preservative that is not necessary. But, the reason why student choose fast food is because of the cheap price that encourage student to eat fast food as an alternative as long as they can fill their stomach.

Every problem has their own ways to overcome obesity problem. Students should make physical activity as a routine part of life. By this, it can ensure student to stay fit and healthy. It help students to keep energetic in every situation they have got into. As we know, life at university need them to make sure that they have to maintain energetic in the process of their study. With that, students will become more focus in their study and do not have any problem of their healthy. Next, make physical activity will also help them to think creatively in order to solve problem no matter what it takes. It is the ways of survival as the student learn how to overcome their diet to prevent themselves from obesity.

Ways to overcome obesity comes also by a good diet and environment which can eventually influent the student eating way. A good diet and healthy environment can also help to reduce fat level in their body. They must always refer to the food pyramid. Food pyramid is an ideal method to eat because it contains enough nutrients for body need. If students follow this method, they will have no problem about their healthy. A best spot for a meal can improve the quality of the food which a “ healthy environment, will comes a healthy food ”.

In conclusion, there are many reasons that can cause obesity among student such as lack of physical activity, emotional concern and fast food infiltration. Student should be aware of their own health to prevent the internal problem.

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