Nutrition Program

Identify two possible research questions for your final project. Explain why these two questions interest you and why you would like to conduct research on them. Be concise in explaining why you believe there is a need for research to be conducted on the topics you’ve chosen.Two topics: Prescription delivery and how it helps to prevent medication waste and increase patient health. The legal use of Marijuana how it has improved mental and positive benefits of using it long term.

1) Does a school-based physical activity and nutrtion program provide a benefit for decreasing childhood obesity compared to nonschool-based programs among high school children?

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Nutrition Program
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I am interested in this topic because obesity is primarily a preventable disease. There are genetics and hereditary that play a role, but ultimately childhood obesity can be controlled with healthy habits. These habits include eating a well-balanced diet and regular physical activity. Children may not adopt these healthy habits due to family and friend influences and socioeconomic status. I believe there is a need for research into this topic because there are many arguments on if programs should be required by schools to teach or if it should be teached at home due to directing funds and resources to common core programs. With a constant changing curriculum and funding for children, physical activity courses and lifestyle behaviors classes are typically the first to be cut or placed on the back burner for review (PE in secondary schools being cut from the school day, 2018).

2) Will a mobile health clinic be effective in providing preventative care for homeless individuals in rural areas to decrease chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes?

This topic interests me a lot because public health should meet people where they are at. The needs should be addressed and brought to where they live and within their immediate community instead of making individuals travel to get help. Chronic diseases affect 6 out of every 10 adults in the US (Chronic disease in America, 2020). Chronic diseases can easily be treated and stopped with preventative care, but many homeless or low socioeconomic individuals do not have access or can afford this basic care. There are many resources that exist to help this population, but I believe many have poor delivery methods and do not meet individuals where they are. I believe seeing how effective and cost effective a mobile clinic could be would be very changing for this topic to help more people and be cost effective for organizations.

Chronic diseases in America. (2020, June 15). Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

PE in secondary schools being cut from the school day. (2018, February 19). Education Business.

One question that I have a lot of interest and curiosity in studying is the long-term damage caused by marijuana. The continuous use has grown a lot and I don’t see much research about it. I would like to know what are the changes in the organism that lead to the behavior change and what are the damages caused. Some research points to some risk of marijuana abuse. There are short- and long-term effects of marijuana use, which include: Decreased life satisfaction, Impaired physical and mental health, Problems with interpersonal relationships, Decreased school and professional productivity, Loss of employment, Financial problems, Legal difficulties, Learning problems, Increased risk of heart attack, Altered heart rhythms, High risk of death from heart problems in the elderly or people who already have cardiac vulnerabilities, Impaired judgment, problems with motor coordination and slower reaction times lead to greater risk of traffic accidents, Long-term respiratory infections and diseases, Days of work lost due to respiratory diseases, Temporary psychotic reaction.


Another question would be the worsening of mental disorders and the epidemic of mental illnesses in the world. How mental health has been affected and has undergone changes over the years. What are the main factors that directly affect this change? Nowadays we hear a lot about phobias and post-traumatic stress disorders; “Mood disorders”, such as depression and bipolar disorder; “Impulse control disorders”, which include behavioral problems and attention deficit / hyperactivity disorders; and “substance use disorders”, such as alcohol and drug abuse. What are the possible causes of these disorders? Is the preponderance of mental illness over physical illness really so high, and is it still growing? If mental disorders are biologically determined and not a product of environmental influences, is it plausible to assume that their growth is real? Or are we learning to diagnose mental disorders that have always existed? Or, on the other hand, do we simply expand the criteria for defining mental illnesses, so that almost everyone now suffers from one of them? And what about the drugs that became the basis of treatments? Do they work? And, if they work, shouldn’t we expect the number of the mentally ill to be on the decline and not on the rise? Despite the human capacity to adapt to changes, the changes and the emergence of so many adversities in a short time can create an overload of stress that already concerns international health authorities and mental health professionals. See more details at

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WHO considers mental health to be a neglected area, receiving an average of 2% of the budget allocated to health from countries, although neurological and psychiatric diseases affect almost 1 billion people – according to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development ( OECD), mental disorders generate direct and indirect costs of US $ 2.5 trillion (4% of world GDP). If we do not act, there will be a large percentage of people seriously affected, which will have an impact on the economy of these countries.

Marijuana abuse signs, symptoms & effects | The refuge. (2018, December 3). The Refuge, A Healing Place.

The mental illness epidemic. (n.d.). revista piauí.

A silenciosa epidemia de transtornos mentais. (2020, August 12). Outras Palavras.

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