Nutrition Month Essay

“Health is wealth,” is the cliché this time of year not only in SMAD, but in the whole country as we celebrate Nutrition Month. The reason we celebrate Nutrition Month is to remind ourselves that being healthy is very important and that if we love ourselves, we should love our body that is by practicing good health habits. This year’s Nutrition Month’s theme is “Pagkain ng gulay, ugaliin, araw-araw itong ihain.” With this theme in mind, we Marisians understand from our early lectures from as early as Nursery that eating healthy everyday is a great investment for our future.

If we eat healthy everyday is a great investment for our future. If we eat healthy, which means having a balanced diet, together with regular exercise and a healthy lifestyle, we surely will get to enjoy our body’s future to the fullest. Who wants to be unhealthy when they’re old anyway? Well, enough of the yadda yadda that we hear every day.

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Nutrition Month Essay
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Let’s face itm we can’t resist junkfood.

Its taste, smell and the crispness is like a symphony to our teenage ears. It’s even sold in our school cafeteria for crying out loud! We already know all the sodium, salt, MSG and whatnot that is in those perfectly plastic packed goodies but still, we consume them. We already know all the health hazards the little tasty crisps possess but still, we love them. Even if it has the word ‘junk’ in its name, we still eat them. The question I ask all the readers of this essay is this: How can we control this craving?! Clearly, this seems like the most suitable question, given our situation. The answer is: SELF-DISCIPLINE. If we really value our body and its future, then we’d already stop from consuming those cheap and unhealthy pieces of evil.

If we really cared, then we’d stop wasting our money buying the kinds of food that will hinder us from our full potential as healthy human beings. Once we discipline ourselves, not just in abstaining from eating junk food, we’ll become better people for our own sake and for the people around us. This is where the theme comes back into our minds. Instead of eating junk, why not eat something healthier and most of the time, cheaper? Fruits and veggies are our bodies’ best friends. Once we make eating them a daily habit, you’ll see that our bodies will be better, stronger and much more awesome than its previous self.

Don’t forget the other food that’ll also help us maintain our awesome body like lean meats and such. Having a healthy lifestyle is something all of us should have whether young or old. It’s also very important of our bodies because aside from the fact that it is our own, God gve us our bodies for us to nurture and take care of and when we have a fit body, we’re able to carry out our mission that was given to us from Him. So, vegetable or junk? Surely you’d want something that isn’t trash. Beginning today, let’s be healthy, eat healthy and stay healthy. Being healthy is one of the best solutions to live happy. So, if you want to live a happy and care-free life, as you grow older, live and eat healthy!

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