Now that you have read about the CAPM, would you ever use it to make personal investment decisions? How can an individual investor use or think about CAPM? Please include references.



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Now that you have read about the CAPM, would you ever use it to make personal investment decisions? How can an individual investor use or think about CAPM? Please include references.
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Capital asset pricing models illustrates the association of risks in certain investments. CAMP gives an overview calculation of the investment risk and the returns that an investor expects from an investment. The model is useful in making decisions on which securities to invest in thus identifying profitable stock.  An investor can use CAMP to assess the risks likely to face available securities in the market. With the assessment, the investor can make decisions on investing in stock that has minimum risks, preventing any potential financial loss.

  Investors are advised by CAMP to diversify their investments to prevent development of unique risks. CAMP can be applied by investors in determining markets that riskier for them to get more profits. The risky markets are hard to diversify and all securities are affected by risks. Investors receive a discount rate that is beneficial when using CAMP in investment appraisal rather than using WACC. The rate is useful to aid the investors in comparing different market prices.

Through CAMP information uniformity is achieved because the model provides information that is similar promoting market efficiency. The beta and the expected return relationship is illustrated by the CAMP. Investors can use CAMP as a tool to analyze the market behaviors to be make decision on the price to pay for a particular security. Also, the model is useful in estimating the investors capital cost of equity due to the model’s nature of taking into considerations the systematic risks levels in relation to the whole market. 



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Carlson v. Ailes

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News Documents (The New York Times). (n.d.). Gretchen Carlson’s Lawsuit Against Roger Ailes. Retrieved May 09, 2017, from Carlson-Complaint-Filed.html

Now Ailes is vigorously denying her accusations, & Fox’s parent company is conducting an “internal review.” (n.d.). Fox conducting review of Roger Ailes after Gretchen Carlson sexual harassment lawsuit. Retrieved May 09, 2017, from

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