Non-Bankruptcy Fraud Case

Find a non-bankruptcy fraud case. Write an academic paper of 3 pages addressing the following points:

Summarize the fraud that was executed. Describe the type of fraud, the manner in which it was perpetrated, and who was involved.

What was the significance of the fraud that was perpetrated? What damages were sustained and by which stakeholders

How was the fraud ultimately uncovered or discovered?

Who were the company’s auditors? Were the auditors held liable for the failure to detect the fraud?

What criminal or financial penalties, if any, were imposed on the company and the perpetrators?

Do you feel that the penalties imposed were fair? Support your conclusion.

What internal control activities could have prevented the fraud?

What were the long-term consequences of this particular incident? For example, did the incident motivate any regulatory or professional reforms?

What happened to the company? Does the entity still exist? Was it reorganized or acquired by another entity?

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