Non-Acute Care of Cardio-Respiratory Issues.

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Necessary resources for non-acute care of cardiorespiratory issues include appropriate home medical equipment, nursing support services as necessary, rehab centres, long-term care facilities, home health as prescribed, education for patient and support team and other necessary therapies.

Appropriate home medical equipment allows for an increase in successful outcomes at home which allows for improved independence and decreasing chances of having to be readmitted to the hospital. Ensuring that a patient has oxygen, wheelchairs and supplies that are needed upon discharge will assist with decreasing their readmission rate. Medications, ability to go to follow up appointments and their current living conditions and support are all questions that we ask prior to discharge and work with case management to ensure that our patients are the most successful and independent following discharge from the acute care setting. Rehabs such as cardiac or pulmonary “bridge to independence for patients” who had suffered specific diseases (Johnson, 2018).

Non-Acute Care of Cardio-Respiratory Issues. 1

These rehab treatments teach individuals how to self-manage conditions with the health of a team and also rehab their lungs to learn to exercise and manage conditions in a controlled environment” (Johnson, 2018). Having necessary nonacute resources allows for patients to practice independence and resume their normal lifestyle. It can be challenging to go from the acute care setting back to normal life as needed. Having education from nurses and other health care professionals assists with making this transition easier and safe for those recovering or living with any cardiorespiratory issue. Overall, prior to discharge, the healthcare team should be assisting patients in successful home rehabilitation; however that may be for specific individuals. If they are not appropriately managed prior to discharge, it could cause for decrease in wellness and increase changes of readmission to the hospital.

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