Needle Exchange Program Essay

The needle exchange program provides sterile needles in exchange for used dirty needles. Research has stated that with a program in place will reduce HIV and hepatitis C. The program will provide counseling and help educate the drug users.

I am against the needle exchange program.

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Needle Exchange Program Essay
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The needle exchange program supports drug users in giving sterile needles. Needle exchange program’s are telling our children it is acceptable to use drugs because the government will supply clean needles.

The legislation should not support the needle exchange program. The program will send the wrong message to our children if legislation in which to fund such a program. The exchange will use our tax dollars and will increase the amount of drug paraphernalia. If the legislation were to support a program, it will change the morals of our country.

The pros of the program are the cost-effective way to reduce needle sharing among drug addicts. This program will help user’s obtain drug treatment, detox, and some health screening.

The users will receive HIV education and counseling for their addiction.

The disadvantages of the needle exchange program are more significant then having the program. The program would allow tax dollars to fund such a program. The tax dollars can be used for other programs. The program would increase drug paraphernalia in areas in which it is already high. The location of the needle exchange sites will hurt our communities and there will be more drug addicts in these areas. This will show the wrong message to our children.

Drug addicts transfer HIV in many other ways then the use of dirty needles. Sharing the water mixture for heroin and having unsafe sex are examples if other ways to transmit HIV. Addicts choose to take drugs and have to accept the disease risks that follow drug use. It states that drug dealers sell drugs near needle exchange sites. This will increase crime in these areas.

Needle exchange will create undesirable communities and will discourage new residents from the community. Needle exchanges will make the community unsafe. The programs bring in drug addicts, which are not clean individuals. The community will become less clean with needles on the streets and community parks. Drug-addicts are unstable and commit crimes. This will jeopardize the safety of the community.

Treatment is low at needle exchange sites. The needle exchange programs do not make efforts to change drug-addicts. The counseling given is not effective treatment. Drug addicts are told ways to go cold turkey, which isn’t effective way to treat the addicts. Increasing treatment is a better solution then needle exchange.

In conclusion the needle exchange programs will not decrease drug use or HIV. This is not an effective way to help drug addicts. Giving sterile needles to drug addicts is telling them it is alright to do drugs. We need to take tax dollars for rehab clinics. The government needs to give health care to the uninsured drug users and they can receive counseling to get off the drugs which ruin their lives. All of these programs will help reduce HIV. It is important to ensure that our young children know that drugs will kill drug addicts and should not be promoted with these programs on our streets.

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