Naval Officer Essay

It was said by John F. Kennedy that “Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other. ” Indispensable factors are those known to be undeniably necessary, essential, or obligatory to one another. This unique relationship between leadership and learning is particularly relevant to my motivation. The ambition I have to become a Naval Officer stems from my drive to lead; but I dare not lead without continuing to pursue my hunger to learn. I desire to guide, to have responsibility, and more importantly, to be an example.

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Naval Officer Essay
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Bringing out the best in those I am directing and becoming someone that people can truly look up to; that is my primary intention. The military has gradually been becoming a tradition in my family. Honor, Courage, and Commitment are all aspects of a leader with which I grew up and that are now, my core being. I’m destined to become apart of these extraordinary people. The ones who can be distinguished by the pride with which they hold themselves and the confidence with which they speak.

The ones who fly jets, command battleships, and dive submarines; most people can only imagine such careers. They are willing not only to sacrifice their life for their country, but also to lead men and women who are willing to do the same. They have to make quick decisions that test who they are and will vastly impact the lives of those under their command. This is the type of person I want to be.

But like John Dana had stated, “Who dares to lead must never cease to learn. It is unquestionably impossible to lead successfully without having learned to do so first. My modo is to learn the rules of the game and then to play better than anyone else. I love pushing myself mentally to be the very best I can be. If not in school, in the world; figuring out solutions to different problems and learning from the experiences and people in my life. I am an extremely resourceful person taking every opportunity I get to expand intellectually.

It was embedded in me that knowledge is progress; it sparks action. And with action we can convert adversity into prosperity. I am determined to put my knowledge to use for the advancement of our country. I understand that becoming a Naval Officer is going to be far from easy; so I am prepared to go through severe physical and mental training before I receive my commissions. I‘ve always been motivated by challenge. I look forward to the navy pushing me to be an asset to success; doing things that I never thought possible.

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