More natural beauty products have been sold in 2014 more than years before according to (Leatham, 2015), the natural beauty industry is in continuous development and increasing awareness of the benefits of using the natural products. Many people switch to nature and organic because their skin cannot handle the harmful chemical products (Small, 2016). For example: some products contain fragrances and preservatives, which are common ingredients in beauty products. That is a not natural or organic ingredient and that what makes the skin gets irritated (Allergy, 2016).The natural product demand are one of the change that happen because of the health life style movement that the people do to live longer ( Mintel, 2016)According to (Mintel, 2016) the nature product dose not target the women costumer only however it target the male as well.   The reason behind this research is the concern in this field, topic and measure of the people knowledge about the natural products.

As the natural and organic beauty line become more popular, more people have a huge range of products to choose from (Thompson, 2015), that what makes the consumers in position where they do not know what to choose.  However, as the market of organic and natural beauty products grows, many people still do not know the different between them (Emily, 2016). There are a lot of differences between both of them in ingredients such as: the natural substances come from natural sources as the name suggest; however some companies are mixing syntheticallywith natural substances. In the other hand, the organic product has nothing synthetically(Emily, 2016). As well Marienhagen and Bott, 2013 agree about the different in the natural substances come from natural sources with product that mix synthetically with natural substances and say it is nature. In fact, the poor knowledge of the buyer that what makes more cosmetology company takes that as an advantage to sell more as natural or organic products (Lewis, 2016)……………………………………………..

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