Top 10 Best Narrative Essay Topics

A narrative is a storytelling opportunity where one shares their personal experience. It is a chance to show your point of view on specific events in life. The idea behind is to settle on narrative essay topics from personal experience and captivate the audience.


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Top 10 Best Narrative Essay Topics
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narrative essay topics

How to choose narrative essay topics

Captivating essays must have deep meaning to you, something you are passionate about. It is nearly impossible to impress when you don’t care or connect to the story. Topics to write about maybe from;

  1. Childhood Experiences
  2. Personal Hobbies
  3. Summer Vacations
  4. Parties and Holidays
  5. Tough Decisions made
  6. Religion
  7. Working Experience (New Employees)

You should always tell your truth. It is always advisable to stick to personal experience, not some imaginary stories for instance, personal narrative essay example  can be engaging, as you narrate your experiences in a figurative way.

Originality and creativity are essential if you wish to catch the attention of the audience or the teacher. Always ensure the topic you settle to write is one that you are passionate about. A fascinating story that involves both readers and listeners is one that you are emotional about.

Topics for narrative essay

  • Childhood Summer Vacation
  • An Embarrassing Experience
  • Your Favorite Family Vacation 
  • Most Enjoyable Christmas
  • A Challenging Experience 
  • First Day at Work/New School
  • Time You Got Lost
  • Childhood Heroes and Their Influence
  • Most Inspiring Teacher
  • Most Terrifying Experience

How to Write a Narrative Essay

Drafting the Essay

Create an essay narrative outline to work on. It is challenging to have a good essay without planning. You then improve the draft till it meets the impressing requirements of a good presentation.

Storyline Element

The elements include the description, plot, characters, and settings among other components. They are essential as they help attract the reader’s attention. It ensures that you have enough to write about. Here you have to come up with all narrative essay topics and choose the best topic among them, which you feel has more content to write and attractive to the readers. 

Describe Events Chronologically

An orderly paper helps avoid confusion and gives a flow of the author’s thoughts and interests. Audiences are able to flow with the story and get the idea behind the story. The writer is also confident when making the presentation.

Clear Writing

The text should be written in simple and understandable language. It ensures the audience understands the message, which gives you the right feedback. The writer should avoid grammatical and any other errors to have a good presentation of narrative essay.

Structuring a Narrative Essay


The introduction should catch the attention of the audience. It acts as a warm-up to the audience which gives them the main idea of the story. A 3-5 lines paragraph is the most ideal to help avoid oversharing of information.

Main Body

Always ensure the supporting arguments are having the same terms. Every idea should be written in its paragraph. They should be structured in a way the intended message is passed clearly. It should be 3-5 paragraphs that are well-discussed.


It is the part where you sum up and prove claims made in the introduction. Always avoid including information that is not in the narrative. The conclusion should be informative such that a person can read and get the message in the narrative.

Narrative  Essays

Types  of  Narrative  Essays

Settling for a narrative essay topic to write on is not enough. You must also decide how to convey to the reader i.e., tone to use. The writer chooses the tone that delivers the message clearly depending on the target audience. There are three types of narrations;

1. The First Person

The character is the protagonist but always narrates the story. A lot of “I”, “WE” and also “ME” are used. It allows the narrator to engage the audience at a personal level. The character speaks directly to the audience making them listen to the thoughts.

The audience can listen to understand the narrator’s feelings and their interpretation of the events taking place around them. When tasked to write a narrative essay for school, go for the first person. You will engage with the audience emotionally thus connecting with them. 

2. The Second Person

The tone is not very popular as it takes an instructional tone, “You can” or “You should.” The audience is treated as part of the story which creates a nice bond. Audiences connects with the writer in an emotive way.

3. The Third Person

The author expresses the feelings and minds of some characters. It takes a love scenario involving two lovers who are open to the audience. They openly express their feelings and thoughts to the audience allowing him to take the journey to discovery and the possible heartbreak.  


Narrative Techniques

 Narrative Techniques

The techniques  provide the audience with deeper meaning helping readers visualize situations. They hook the audience and pass the intended messages in the story. They are applicable in all types of narratives. Some include;

1. Similes and Metaphors

They are commonly used when comparing two things as a way to help the audience get a better understanding of what the writer is conveying. The difference between them is that in similes you use “AS” while in metaphor the term is not applicable.

2. Imagery

It involves figurative language creating visuals for the audience that appeals to their senses. The writer deliberately introduces visions through intentional choice of words and tone. The scenarios are more popular in drama narrative essay topics.

3. Backstory

It happens when the reader wants the audience to understand an event that happened before an event in the narrative. The story helps the audience what led to some occurrences later in the text. Audiences connect the happenings from both past and present.

4. Hyperbole

This is an exaggeration to make a point. Someone might say “My bag weighs a ton”. The statement may not be meant literally but is used to help the audience understand the excessive weight in the bag.

5. Flash forward

The writer may choose to express what would happen later but still not reveal the significant details. The information is shared sparingly as a hook on the audience who will be eager waiting for more information. The idea is also borrowed in flashback where the writer discusses past in the present.

6. Chekhov’s Gun

The writer introduces a character in the early stages without explaining and revealing the purpose much later in the narration. This is unlike most cases where all characters are introduced early in the text. The character in some cases becomes very valuable in the narrative.

In Summary

The narrative essay topics chosen should have enough to write about with passion. It will help write a captivating narrative with a relevant format that interests the audience. As stated above there are guidelines that one must observe to write a good story. You can ask for help if you find yourself in a dilemma of what to write or you have unique narrative essay topics, get assistance. 




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