Narrative Essay Essay

Lakendra Ingram

Ms. Spence

ENG 1113-61

DATE @ “d MMMM yyyy” 12 February 2019

Essay 1 Final Draft

Childhood Trip

I remember from my childhood trip that it was going to be amazing and interesting. Me, my sister and my parents went to St. Louis, MO for a summer trip. We had to get ready early in the morning to put our luggage in the family car to cruise along the highway. It took about four hours to travel through a lot of towns and cities to arrive at the hotel.

I had some thoughts about vacation on what will it look like and what kinds of places will be fun with my family. One of the memories that I have experienced was this amusement park called Six Flags. My reasons for this childhood vacation have some deep significance to me and it was having a good quality time with my family.

My favorite part about this trip was going to Six Flags with my sister and my parents.

Six Flags was a great amusement park to have a lot of fun for the whole family. There was so many kids and scary rides that really amazed me and some of them just seem crazy. One of the rides that I did not want to get on was the roller coaster. My reasons for roller coaster can be scary and is too high to the sky that it can cause me to get nervous. The amazing part about Six Flags is that it has some fun things and the good foods that I enjoyed with my sister. I had a good experience with this attraction and it was to see the rides that seems to be interesting and to have fun with these different rides.

I have some thoughts about how it was a fun and amazing city, but it turns out to be a big city with a lot of nice attractions. The whole family went into this museum that has so many types of things such as an aquarium and a kid place. We went to the St. Louis Zoo to see all the animals and look at statues of people for some entertainment. Many of these attractions have some amazing fossils and statue of a person, creatures, or other things. I was looking around the city to see the good places that make me want to have a good time for this vacation. It just makes me want to feel that I could come back to this trip to recover all the childhood memories. I did not come back to this town to see any different that I could remember at that time.

In conclusion, my childhood trip has some deep significance that have influence on my life. It just took me back in time that it was going to be an exciting vacation. Me and my family have some good and fun times with the experience of Six Flags. We also explored the whole city to see any fun attractions that can be entertaining for everyone. This was a good impact of my childhood vacation and I had a wonderful time with my family. It has been a fun memory for me that I could go back right now, but I did not go back to St. Louis, MO. The reason about this experience that I could say that it was the best time of my life.

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