NAME: PURVI NILESHKUMAR PATELID: 653010COURSE: BUS 4015A: SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENTSEMESTER: SUMMER 2019TASK: ASSIGNMENT ONE INSTRUCTOR: MAINA MUCHARA1) First its smallware, its direct distribution is in the urban centre, Florida that helps manage the delivery part to the restaurants by business organization and additionally lower prices in inventory. It also ensures there is uniformity and quality is consistent in all restaurants. Also smallware has the advantage of price deduction on the small, ancillary items such as plate napkins, as all of them are procured from the same source.

Direct distribution is an environmental friendly approach, as this supply chain makes the travelling of vehicles less and also minimizes the waste.The frozen and canned food. Which has 11 distribution centers in North America, this makes it easier to manage inventory which will make shipping more effective, efficient and inexpensive. The fresh food supply. Darden places order directly to independent suppliers, Darden ensures it gets the freshest products from those who know the product very well and grow it the right way.

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The supply chain is short hence it is inexpensive since it does not consist of multiple processors, traders and wholesalers.Last one is the seafood supply. The seafood is supplied worldwide. Darden is in business with suppliers in 35 different countries. The quality is inspected by Darden’s overseas representatives. This ensures the Darden’s provides the best and reliable products to its customers. Since Darden’s operates in 35 different countries it has native speaking employee’s onsite which help with the language and cultural barriers.2) As much as having four supply chains can be very useful to the business it also has its disadvantages. For smallware having one main distribution centre maybe convenient but it has risks like the country or city can have natural disaster, the government can change or impose new rules and regulations that may not work out for the business. If so happened then the supply of the smallware products would be interfered with or would be stopped which can cause a loss to the business.For frozen, dry and canned food it can be difficult and expensive to help it have a long shelf life and also make it look fresh at the same time.With fresh food supply the business places orders with independent suppliers since the food needs to be fresh hence time cannot be wasted to supply from far places in order to avoid the food from getting spoilt or not being fresh. However, suppliers can have different methods of growing or obtaining fresh food which may affect the consistency of the product quality. Also different seasons, land, atmosphere can affect the quality of the fresh products and also can produce different products with different tastes hence affecting the consistency of the restaurants product.For seafood Darden has also employed independent suppliers for the fresh fish. Also supplying and shipping seafood worldwide is expensive and if the seafood is not shipped on time it can become spoilt.Darden can have issues with language and cultural barriers since it works in 35 countries.3) The possession changes at the particular stage wherever the merchandise is within the hand of the corporate. For the smallware the tittle changes once it’s in the city at Darden’s direct distribution warehouse. For the frozen, dried and canned food as well as the fresh food the possession changes once it is within the hands of the restaurant. Whereas for the seafood the ownership of the product can be modified once it has been delivered to the U.S. territory.4) The method Darden has used to organize its supply chain is incredibly strategic, careful and distinctive. Darden has carefully located its distribution centers to ensure quick delivery to the restaurants so as to timely respond to customer needs and wants as well as to reduce the cost of inventory. Darden’s deals in different products than those of Dell or automobiles. Darden’s supply chain needs to be very effective and efficient in order to avoid loss. For Darden time is a very huge factor when it comes to the delivery and supply of products as the products can become spoilt if not delivered on time. For Dell and automobile the supply chain does not have to be fast in supplying but it has to be a very safe supply chain in order to avoid damages of the equipment which is very expensive and fragile and also they need more storage and warehouse space than Darden’s would need because the computer and automobile equipment are huge and delicate therefore they need to be stored, shipped and delivered carefully. Although Darden’s smallware supply chain can be compared to the supply chain of Dell and automobiles in that they all need to have a responsive strategy in order to satisfy the customer needs. ReferencesHeizer, J & Render, B (2014). operations management: sustainability and supply chain management.(11th ed). United Kingdom, UK: Pearson education limited.

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