My Trip at Rose garden Essay

Most people loves holidays because during their holidays they can relax and have fun. For myself, I love to spend time with my friends or my family on holidays. My last trip, I went to The Rose Garden with my classmates and my teacher. It was the first time for me and it made me feel very impressive. It was a memorable trip for one main reasons. That is, I had a chance to see a famous Thai Village Cultural show.

It was the most thing that I want to see.

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My Trip at Rose garden Essay
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The show highlights are many performers vividly portray a fascinating cross-section of Thailand’s culture, heritage and way of life dances, ceremonies, rituals, sports and pastimes. The demonstration had many things such as Thai folk dancing, Thai boxing, cock fighting, and sword fighting We enjoyed the unique and unforgettable experience of the world-renowned Thai Village Cultural Show. It was very interesting and I thought that it is worthy to visit here.

There was so many foreigners came here and I noticed them during the show . They pay attention to see the show and took many photos. Someone says “It is wonderful show”. I was very happy to hear that. At the end of the show , the performers bow the audiences and invited them to dance together in last song. It was so relaxed and made me smile. In brief, I would like to say that my great time in the Rose Garden was very meaningful for me.

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