My Johari Window Essay

Doing this assignment has been especially thrilling for me. For one, I am the type who likes to take personality test. I spend time searching and answering online quizzes that “reveals” something about myself, from the fun types like “What kind of mythical creature are you? ” to the more serious type like the Enneagram or the MBTI Types. I also encourage my friends to take the same tests and compare results with them. Sometimes, I even try to guess what their types would be.

I consider it one to be one of our “bonding activities. ” Taking personality assessment tests makes me realize certain things about myself.

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My Johari Window Essay
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It also makes me understand other people’s preferences and tendencies which may pave the way for a better relationship with them. Constructing a Johari Window is another way to improve self-knowledge. Let me now discuss what I have done in details. In the first quadrant, which represents my Open Self, or the side that are known to me and to others, I have put the adjectives sympathetic, caring, and emotional.

Being a “feeler,” I understand the complexity of emotions which makes me compassionate towards other people. I always put myself in their shoes and try to imagine where they are coming from.

During times of conflict, I try hard not to cast judgment and talk to the person involved to straighten things out. I also try to mediate in cases when the persons around are in some kind of fight. It gives me a special kind of joy when I am able to help them understand each other and get along well. In the second quadrant, which represents my Blind Window, or the side that are known to others but not to me, I have put the adjectives, extroverted, friendly and confident. I got these responses during my “interviews” with my friends and family. I must say I was surprised with these descriptions.

But I must say they are right in saying that I am friendly. Having a temperament of an idealist, I believe that being friendly cooperation is the best way for people to get what they want. It also ensures a win-win situation for everyone. I am however doubtful that I am indeed confident. I may have posted myself as such but I know that I have a LOT of insecurities that I have to work with. Also, I disagree that I am extroverted. Though I enjoy attending parties from time to time, I never consider myself to be extroverted. Sure, I am sociable BUT I always need time to be alone. I take my energy from the world of concepts and ideas.

And I think that makes me an Introvert. I have also taken the MBTI Test and my type is INFP, which is to say that I am an Introvert. In the third quadrant or the hidden self/window which represents the things I know about myself, I have put the adjectives optimist, romantic and intuitive. Being a INFP, I am an incurable romantic who believes in the goodness of humanity even in the most trying times. I believe that people are naturally good, but are forced to be “selfish” as a means of survival or because they were hurt before. That is why I always want to know about a person’s background.

A bad person for me either had a repressed childhood or a very bad experience in the past. My friends however warn me that the reality out there, my friends tell me, is that not everyone is good and noble. Most people seek out opportunities and situations where they get benefits. I am also a romantic posting a cynic to protect myself from my almost naive perception of reality. I have also been hurt before so my need to protect myself has doubled. I have an average self-disclosure score which means that I avoid sharing too much personal information to someone I just meet.

I think this is a normal way of self=preservation. Finally for my Unknown Window, I have put details like ability to speak in public, capacity to mobilize people and capability to be of service to the humanity. I have just recently discovered these things through an event in which I have been forced to do these things for a cause that I really believe. In the future, I plan to improve on these recently discovered talents and to bank on them to advance my causes. I plan to get involved with an NGO that protects the environment. I will use my good communication skills to be of help for this organization.

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